Review Requests

Hey there!

If you're an author or publisher looking to get your book reviewed, I would love to help! 

Please read my review policy first, so you know what to expect. 

While I used to accept e-mail requests,  due to the overwhelming number of e-mails that I receive, I don't anymore. I'm unable to sort through my inbox and your e-mail is likely to be missed.

I've created a form through which you can submit your request. This will work best for both of us because my associate reviewers will also have access to the form, which means you're likely to get a timely response and my inbox doesn't get buried in e-mails.

However, if you're an author or publisher I've worked with before or this is a blog tour/guest feature or some other request, please feel e-mail me


  1. Dear Kelly, I hope I did this right! Anyhow, thanks so much for the opportunity to have my book reviewed by you.

    1. It goes to Anjana and she is so busy that it might take a while to get to me. Email me at

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