Review Policy

Due to the overwhelming number of e-mails that I receive, I won't be able to respond to all of them. It doesn't always mean that I'm not interested in your book, it may be because I'm not in a position to accept any books to review at the moment due to time constraints. 

Thank you for checking my review policy!

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Let me first begin with why I read/review books. I'm not a professional reviewer. Like every other book blogger out there, I'm a bibliophile. I stared this blog because it's fun and I love to share my opinion on books with others like me! 

What do I read?

I read/review Children's, Young Adult and Adult Novels
I prefer the following genres -

  • Fantasy
  • Thrillers
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Chicklit
  • Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic
  • Sci-Fi (A little picky about it though)
  • Steampunk
  • Horror
  • Historical (I'm extremely picky about this as well)
  • Literary Fiction

 However, I do not read/review non-fiction or anything even slightly religious, sorry.

What can you expect?

My reviews usually include my opinion,thoughts & feelings on the book,the characters and sometimes, even the cover. I also throw in a relevant image sometimes because they make the review more fun! I usually try not to disclose any spoilers. 

Please know that I will post an honest review, which means that if there's something I don't like about the novel, I will mention it. If something about the story irritates me, I will mention it. I'll mention anything that I liked or disliked but I won't trash talk your book. I understand how hard you've worked at it and I respect that.

If I'm going to be rating your book 2 stars or less, I probably won't review it. I should warn you, there are times when I'm unable to finish a book (if I really can't connect with the writing or characters), I won't review those either. 

What formats do I accept?

I prefer e-book copies because they reach me sooner but hardcopies are appreciated :) !

For e-books, my preferred medium of receiving them is through Netgalley.  

If you don't use NetGalley, please send me the book in mobi, pdf or epub format. Thanks!

How do I rate the books?

I'll also post the review on Goodreads and I follow the same rating system, i.e.

Rating Scale : 1 to 5..

How long will I take?

Please note that a book that I've personally requested will hold priority over all others.

Give me some time to review your books. I will try to finish them as soon as possible but I do have other commitments. This means that I cannot promise you a date that I will read/review it by. I may take a few days,weeks or months to get to it (although this is very rare). If you have sent me an ARC then I will give it priority. I will e-mail you the link to my review as soon as I post it. Please don't get offended if I don't respond to your e-mail, it's because I can't/don't want to read or review the book right now and I get way too many e-mails that make it hard respond to each and every one of them. Although sometimes, your e-mail may just be lost among others so there's no harm in re-sending it.

I try to get to all my review books as soon as possible but sometimes, due to the large number of books I have to read & review, I'm unable to do that. 
However, I may offer the book to one of my associate reviewers.  I do this in order to ensure that all the authors get their books read and reviewed as soon as possible.  The same review policy applies to them as well. 

Also, please note that when I accept a novel to review, it does not guarantee that the novel will be read or reviewed. I try not to post negative reviews. If I really don't like a book I usually don't post a review, unless I'm obligated to. If you want me to send you the review regardless of whether it's positive or negative, please let me know. 


If you'd like me to participate in a blog tour/host a giveaway or anything else, please contact me here. Please don't attach a copy of your book without contacting me first! For review requests, please fill out this form. Thanks!