08 February 2019

Tour & Giveaway: Escape to Everly Manor by Chalon Linton

Escape to Everly Manor by Chalon Linton.
Audience/Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance.
Publication: February 1st 2019 by Covenant Communications, Inc.
Nineteen-year-old Lizzy and her young brother, Thomas, find themselves orphaned after a tragic accident claims the lives of their parents. Their estranged Uncle Cline arrives to claim his inheritance, and his roguish ways cast a shadow over the manor. Both the family estate and guardianship of his niece and nephew were left to him, and diabolical Uncle Cline is determined to indulge in his newfound wealth and rid himself of his charges. Desperate to save her brother from a dangerous life at sea, and herself from being married off to a detestable old gentleman, Lizzy knows there is only one choice left—they must run.
Lizzy and Thomas sneak away and find refuge in an abandoned cabin. There they remain hidden—until fate acquaints Lizzy with Mr. Barton, a charming gentleman who is immediately intrigued by the mysterious young woman. Concealing her identity, Lizzy is unaware that there is much more to this compassionate man than meets the eye. Through his kindness to herself and her brother, Lizzy begins to trust him. Soon Lizzy realizes Mr. Barton may be her best hope for a life in which she can live—and love—as she chooses . . .

Reviewed by Kelly.

I just want to crawl into this book and live there awhile! They both live in upper social class but both of these main characters have a way of bridging those classes and helping to make everyone have a happy life. Well except for the main characters themselves anyway! Haha

Speaking of the main characters… They both are good and strong people! Their families each have their own issues. Lizzy’s parents die and her and her brother are orphaned and find themselves under their evil Uncle’s care. He is evil! He is selfish! And he wants everything and could care less for Lizzy or her brother. So, they run away! Barton's family, that the runaways find themselves living with due to an accident, loves Barton but they are also protective and may go a bit too far in their protection! But they love each other regardless!

Lizzy is prideful, stubborn, and will do whatever it takes to save her brother! Lizzy literally runs into Barton one day and he is immediately smitten with her. Lizzy however, remains aloof and secretive. Barton introduces himself as Barton and Lizzy immediately thinks he is Mr Barton not Barton Everly, who is Master of Everly Manor. He does not correct her and wants her to trust him. Neither are starting off on the right foot for that. But as the truth comes out, as it always does, you would think that would be it and they would confess their undying love and live happily ever after but that is not how this book goes. It has several little twists to get to that point and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

So if you like books that have evil villains, stubborn pride, doing what you think is right and sacrificing your happiness for another’s, strong family bonds, horses, puppies, family jewels, servants, gruff servants, meddling family members, and finding happiness after thinking it would never be possible, then this might be for you! As for me, I’m still smiling! (And can I have a Barton too?)

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Chalon Linton was first introduced to Jane Austen by a dear friend and now she can’t get enough of handsome men in tailcoats. Her intrigue in the genre stems from a nostalgic longing for manners, wit, and true love. Fortunately, Chalon found her dashing gentleman, married him, and now lives happily ever after in Southern California.

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