12 September 2018

Tour & Giveaway: The Neverland Inn by K.C. Grant

The Neverland Inn by K.C. Grant.
Audience/Genre: Women's Fiction, Food.
Publication: September 1st 2018.
Daniel Cavanaugh has it all—a lucrative career as a lawyer, a gorgeous fiancée, and his future mapped out for him. So why is he feeling increasingly dissatisfied with his life? When the assignment to handle his late grandmother’s estate takes him to the California coast, Daniel welcomes the escape. Staying at the nearby bed-and-breakfast isn’t really his style, but he soon realizes the inn may hold the key to the answers he’s been seeking. Spindrift Cove has few opportunities for a young unmarried woman like Sarah Michaels. Even so, she enjoys her solitude as owner and chef at the Neverland Inn. She thrives on catering to the needs of her guests and treating them to her fantastic cooking. But when Daniel walks through her door, he immediately tests her patience. Though he is handsome and well-bred, she finds him insufferable. Soon, however, the tranquility of the inn works its magic, and Daniel and Sarah forge a sweet and unexpected connection—until the life he left behind in the city demands his return and it seems that a happily ever after may not be on the menu after all.

Reviewed by Kelly.

First off, this book should come with a warning! Do not read when hungry! The first chapter had a description of the textures and cooking a meal and it made me salivate! It sounded so good! Several times, I got up to see if I had the ingredients to make that recipe listed here or there! I could just taste everything the author described!!! I did end up putting the book down so I could eat! Otherwise I would have never finished it!

Daniel seems very frustrated with his life. He is living what his parent’s expectation of his life should be! He has a gorgeous fiance. He is in his father’s law firm and is expected to be a partner some day! There is no time for happiness or doing what you want to do in life. So, when his grandmother dies, he goes to take care of the estate. He loved his grandmother and she was the only one who let him be a boy and loved him unconditionally! When he gets there, he decides to stay for a day or two extra. He just needs a break. But when the hotel has no rooms for the extra days, he books a room at the Neverland Inn.

When he goes out to the town to eat, his car is towed and he has no choice but to rely on Sarah to get him back to the Inn and wait for the owner of the compound to open up. While Daniel can be frustrating, he warms up to Sarah and her town and relaxes for the first time in forever.

Sarah believes in people, her town, and her magical Neverland Inn! She loves to cook, caring for people and helping out her friend who teaches special education. She thinks she can help Daniel relax and when he does, they begin to see each other in a different light!

Where I loved the story, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between the two. Maybe it’s just me!

If you like stories with the innocence of children, head injuries, believing in people, grandmothers, aunts, lawyers, teachers, recipes that make you salivate, then this might be for you!!

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K.C. Grant loves to write! From bad poetry at the age of seven to not-too-much-later attempts at a novel where the main character was a talkative red-haired girl (yes, that wasn't very creative) she has loved to create stories. In her adult career, she has written for family oriented magazines like BackHome, Parents and Kids, The Washington Family and LDSLiving. She was so excited about the release of her first novel in 2010, "Abish: Daughter of God." A sequel, "Abish: Mother of Faith" continues the story of Abish and focuses on the mothers of the stripling warriors.

K.C. will also get to continue her fascination with the setting of Mexico (this time with a modern twist) when her suspense novel titled "Venom" which came out January 2012.

She also belongs to three writers' groups and various other organizations that keep her very busy.

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