18 April 2018

Tour & Giveaway: My Dearest Enemy by Jennifer Moore

My Dearest Enemy by Jennifer Moore.
Audience/Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance.
Publication: April 1st 2018 by Covenant Communications.
Struggling alone on the family farm, Abigail Tidwell knows exactly who to blame for her hardships: the Americans. If it weren’t for their part in the war, her father and brothers would be home rather than fighting abroad. But no amount of antipathy could have prepared her for the shocking sight of a wounded American soldier on her property, a man in dire need of her help. Grudgingly, Abigail tends to the soldier’s injuries and anticipates the satisfaction of turning him over to the authorities once he is healed. But fate has other plans. Captain Emmett Prescott remembers little of the ambush on his men by a group of Shawnee Indians and even less about how he arrived in the unfamiliar barn.

After being nursed back to health by beautiful, if reluctant, Abigail, Emmett would do anything to save the men he left behind—including forcibly enlisting Abigail’s help. Soon, Abigail finds herself caught between two countries at war. And as her attraction for Emmett grows, her conflicted heart engages in its own silent battle. But when she is accused of treason for her actions, her survival rests in the hands of the very man she once considered her enemy.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Abigail is from Canada and on the British side of the War. When she finds a wounded soldier in her barn, she wars in her head of what to do with him. He is barely alive. She chooses the healing part of her (her father is a surgeon and taught her much) to help. She will stitch him up, recover him and then turn him over to the British. So she tells herself. But she doesn’t and she even protects him. So when this soldier; Captain Emmett Prescott, is mending, his men find him and recruit Abigail to doctor one of the other men in his small patrol on American soil. She willingly goes because that is where she is needed. She has a strong desire to help and feel needed. She learns more about these men and grows to care for them all despite them being American. Abigail is strong, independant and is not lonely anymore waiting for her Doctor father and Military brother to return home. She even grows to love Emmett and he grows to love her as well.

But in every story there is a twist or an evil villain. This one is an American Lieutenant. And he is quite vile! The small ragtag patrol of Americans is caught. Eventually all but Emmett the higher ranking officer is left imprisoned. The rest of the bunch watch out for him from afar. Abigail also watches afar as she is helping her father with patients where Emmett is held. Then later at another Fort where her brother is senior officer. This vile Lieutenant watches and notices the exchanges between them and decides to make them both suffer. He is really evil. He does cruel things to other prisoners and plays awful pranks on Emmett. Thank goodness, good prevails in the end.

I love how this story is not only on romance but shows how we each need to feel important or useful and not just loved.

I love these quotes, the first is while Abigail is tending to the sick. The second needs no explaination....

The next moments were extremely unpleasant for all involved as Lieutenant Devon expelled the contents of his stomach with violent force. After each spasm passed, he would collapse onto the bunk, trembling.
Emmett felt extremely sorry for the young man.
Abigail rubbed the Lieutenant's arm and spoke to him softly, occasionally brushing back a damp lock of hair or wiping his mouth with a cloth.
And Emmett felt a bit less sorry for him.

Emmett brushed away more tears. "Fear of the unknown is the most frightening. It leaves a person feeling powerless. Terrified.".....
"Nothing frightens me more than losing you."

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Jennifer Moore is a passionate reader and writer of all things romance due to the need to balance the rest of her world, which includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that are anything but romantic. Jennifer has a BA in linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family.

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