02 March 2018

Tour & GIveaway: The Stars Above Northumberland by Anita Stansfield

The Stars Above Northumberland by Anita Stansfield.
Audience/Genre: Historical Fiction,Romance.
Publication: February 1st 2018 by Covenant Communications.
Her husband is dead. But far from grieving, young widow Lady Meriwether Sturgess feels nothing but relief and release. After enduring years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her cruel husband, Meri is drawn to the comfort of the one place sure to offer healing both for her and her children: Rosewell Manor. The home of her beloved Aunt Annibel is the site of her happiest childhood memories, and it promises the new beginning for which she longs. Just as she settles into life at the manor, Meri is granted a delightful surprise. Elliott Rosewell has come to stay, as he often has since childhood. Meri and Elliott had once been close friends, and each concealed long-harbored feelings for one another. Their warm relationship is quickly rekindled, and despite the sorrows and secrets they each conceal, they discover that their friendship has blossomed into love. But a relationship that seems to promise happily ever after quickly begins to unravel as devastating truths from both Meri’s and Elliott’s past surface, and their chance at happiness together may be lost forever. . . .

Reviewed by Kelly.

I love the messages that Anita delivers in her books. The Stars above Northumberland has a powerful healing message. Where there was a romance of second chance in the book, it was overshadowed with the sorrow every family member in the home had including Elliott and Meri. I mean I knew that Meri’s marriage was filled with physical and mental abuse, But the book shows how everyone who seems to be moving along in life may have sorrows of their own!

I needed a kleenex to get through all the sadness. Did I mention that there was every type of sorrow and tragedy scenario in this book? Every. Single. Person. So reader beware!

Elliott and Meri definitely make a cute couple. They are just right for each other and are just the ones to help everyone begin to heal. The last one to totally heal is Meri! There is a curveball at the end that I wasn’t prepared for.

“...we will take all the time we need to both move forward with confidence, but Meri… no one knows you better than I do; and the other way around. We both know that life comes with challenges, but you and I have what it takes to face anything as long as we face it together.”

“Didn’t you tell me he (referring to the doctor) said that unless a person is actually experiencing pain or discomfort- or even sometimes when they are- they often just won’t accept it?”

“...love is not a feeling alone; it is action. Love is shown by the way you treat people and care for them…”

“...Meri leaned back on her hands on one of the blankets they’d spread out on the lawn and took in the lighthearted chattering taking place among her aunt and cousins and the typical way Elliott was playing with the children, provoking them into much laughter. Meri felt content to just observe the evidence of happiness and love among these people who comprised her family. She contrasted her tumultuous past with the peace and contentment of the present- which was surely an indication of the future. She knew her future would never be without challenges, for challenges were the very nature of life. But these people with whom she shared a home had proven they could face challenges and rise above them by helping each other and by putting their love and concern for each other above all else.”

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Anita Stansfield has been a queen of romantic fiction for more than a decade. Her work has shattered the stereotypes of romance novels with her trademark ability to combine great storytelling with intense psychological depth as she focuses on the emotional struggles of the human experience. Her novels cover a huge spectrum, from the eighteenth century to the present, from heart warming to heart stopping. Hundreds of thousands of readers agree: Anita Stansfield's characters and the lives they lead are not easy to forget. Anita also writes mainstream historical fiction (Horstberg Saga) under the name Elizabeth D. Michaels. The first book in that series is called Behind the Mask.

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