08 December 2017

Tour & GIveaway: The Gentleman's Deception by Karen Tuft

The Gentleman's Deception by Karen Tuft.
Audience/Genre: Historical Fiction, Regency Romance, Clean Read.
Publication: December 1st 2017 by Covenant Communications.
Renowned actress Ruby Chadwick, The Darling of Drury Lane, has long planned and prepared for her final performance. With exceptional beauty comes the unwanted attention of men, and after years of fending off odious suitors, Ruby is ready to leave it all behind in favor of a quiet life. The first step is to reclaim a piece of her past: her true identity as Lavinia Fernley. But leaving town unnoticed proves impossible, and in one desperate moment, she embarks on the greatest act of her life when she throws herself into the arms of a stranger to avoid recognition.

Lucas Jennings is shocked to find the stunning redhead in his arms, but something moves him to play along with her ruse when she calls him her husband. This charade marks the start of an unpredictable journey as he escorts the lovely Lavinia and her traveling companions to Primrose Farm, far from the glaring lights of London. Soon, the tables are turned when Lucas introduces Lavinia to his family—as his fiancĂ©e. Before long, their mutual deception begins to feel all too real. But when the truth of her past is revealed, will Lavinia’s dream of a happy ending slip through her fingers?

Reviewed by Kelly.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! That quote comes to mind with this book. There are so many lies, half truths, omissions from these characters that I got whiplash! Hehe!

Lavinia Fernley, aka The Darling of Drury Lane, aka Ruby Chadwick is an actress. She is extremely beautiful. She has too many men after her and not to congratulate her for her performance on stage. Lavinia does not trust men. On her last performance the earl of Cosgrove makes a bold move and escorts her home. She is terrified but tries to keep it together and be brave and steadfast. He just wants her for affairs. He is also married and tells her she will never be married so just enjoy it. That night was also the night that Ruby left acting and Lavinia was reborn. She ran off with Hannah her nurse since she was a child and the elderly Artie and Delia, who are her faithful companions and long time actors to hopefully live peacefully on a farm that she inherited from her great aunt.

That night didn’t start off very well. The Earl has spies who look out for him and while she is waiting for her friends at the Inn she thinks sees one of them. Although she is in heavy makeup and baggy clothes she can not hide her fire red hair. She tries to tuck it up but pieces come loose. When she sees this man, she also sees Lucas Jennings sitting alone. She runs to him and says “husband” aloud and jumps to him and hugs him. Lucas believes she is in trouble so he decides to play along.

Lucas has been fighting in Spain and has taken his time returning home as he has no profession or skill and no wife or money. But he is of noble blood but not first born son. He is a good man and honorable. He is intimidating to look at with his over 6 foot height and large build. He realizes that she is in need of help after so many things go wrong for Lavinia and escorts her and her companions to her farm. The farm is in terrible condition and not habitable or currently a working farm so Lucas impulsively invites them to stay at his home while they figure out a plan for the farm.

During their travels Lucas begins to fall for the beautiful woman that eventually he sees without the disguise. She also begins to trust him. Lavinia has not told Lucas much about herself and definitely hides that they are actors (except Hannah). Lucas figures out most of it.

So when they arrive at his home, he impulsively without any forethought blurts out that Lavinia is his betrothed. Now his companions play along with him. It is just one mess after another. The reason why he chose to lie, well you will need to read the book to find out.

The lies and omissions and other little stories within the story make this book so enjoyable and different than most books from this era. I love how big Lucas’s family is and how they are all into each others business and when things start to blow up at home and the truth comes out, I was laughing at his family’s reactions! I love his familiy! I didn’t expect things to go the direction that it did when the truth comes out. You really have to read this adorable book and fall in love with all the characters in the book, well except for the Earl of Cosgrove!

If you love large families, evil men, honorable men, veterans, climbing trees, acting, storytelling to children, finding love, farming, talking out problems with your family, nosy family members, laughter, then this might be for you!

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Karen Tuft was born with a healthy dose of curiosity about pretty much everything, so as a child she taught herself to read and play the piano. She studied composition at BYU and graduated from the University of Utah in music theory, where she was a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Kappa Lambda honor societies.

In addition to being an author, Karen is a wife, mother, pianist, composer, and arranger. She has spent countless hours backstage and in orchestra pits for theater productions along the Wasatch Front. Among her varied interests, she likes to figure out what makes people tick, wander through museums, and travel whether it's by car, plane, or paperback.

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