05 December 2017

Brush with Love by Lisa McKendrick

Brush with Love by Lisa McKendrick.
Audience/Genre: Contemporary Romance, Christian Fiction.
Publication: October 10th 2017 by Bonneville.
Lana, a talented Ivy League artist, and Walt, a small-town farmer, couldn't be more different. She arrives in Bluegill, Idaho, ready to spend the summer painting, excited to study under Walt's grandpa, a brilliant but aging artist. The more she is thrown together with Walt though--and the more she spends time with him--the more she realizes her heart may be drawing up its own plans. As the weeks pass, Lana realizes she'll have to choose between following her dreams or following her heart.

Reviewed by Kelly.

This story is about a girl who was adopted as a young girl from Siberia. She has memories of her mother taking her and dropping her off at an orphanage. Of a not so nice worker that slapped her in the face. Of being ridiculed there. She's had a frozen heart since then. Her adoptive parents loved her, yet she still is mostly frozen. She is an adult now, a graduate from Yale in the Arts. She is in a mentorship and somehow she is sent off to Bluegill, Idaho. There, she is left with a man who has Alzheimer’s and his grandson, Walt.

Lana has never been kissed before or even been in a relationship before. She wears black all the time and has dyed her hair black. She wants to be invisible. She is not good with relationships or hugs or just people in general. So when Walt comes to get her, she is instantly attracted to him and finds herself falling for him. She is both scared and bothered by her feelings.

Her mentor LeVann has Alzheimer’s but when he has a period of lucidity, he asks Lana to go to his old studio and paint there. He doesn’t want Walt to know he is totally aware during these precious few weeks. Lana doesn’t like the deception but goes along with it. She gets to know LeVann and falls in love with Bluegill and this family and of course, Walt! We watch as her heart starts to melt and how she learns to love.

I had a hard time watching her heart melt. I can’t pinpoint why. I loved the people from Bluegill and some of them it took me awhile to warm up to them. I wasn’t sure of their motive. Walt is a very caring person and was easy to fall for.

If you like stories with Alzheimer's, first kisses, falling in love, painting, art, LDS, Russian language, and hearts melting than this might be for you.

"You have to get me his number!" she declared.
"I'm not your fairy godmother," I said.
"Come on, Lana, it's not like I'm asking you to turn a pumpkin into a carriage. Wait!"she cried. "That's it!"
"That's what?"
"The kind of wedding you want."
Ugh. What was the use of your best friend spilling a drink on a fairly handsome stranger if it didn't make her forget your previous conversation? I scowled, telling her without words, Let's not do this, and with a glare she shouted back, Oh, we're doing this!"Fine," I said, throwing my hands up. "What kind of wedding do I want?"
"You want to be a Disney bride! Bejeweled ball gown, Cinderella's carriage, and his and hers mouse ears for the cake topper!"
"Not even close," I said.

Lisa McKendrick is the author of several books for the LDS market, including, mostrecently, Letters To My Future Husband. She received her master's degree in Englishfrom BYU, and is the mother of seven children. She enjoys traveling, yoga, garagesales, and getting feedback from her readers.

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