17 November 2017

Tour & GIveaway: For Castle and Crown by Sian Ann Bessey

For Castle and Crown by Sian Ann Bessey.
Audience/Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance.
Publication: November 1st 2017 by Covenant Communications.
After years spent fighting alongside King Richard in the crusades, Lord Edmund of Hawksford is finally returning to his ancestral home. But far from a joyful reunion, what awaits him is devastation. His elder brother is dead, killed in a tragic fire at Hawksford Castle—and the title of duke now falls to Edmund.

When he strives to rebuild the fire-scarred castle, Edmund learns that his was not the only life the fire shattered: his childhood friend Lady Phillipa survived the flames that took Edmund’s brother, but badly burned, she has hidden herself away from those she loves. Yet as the pair renews their acquaintance, they find that their affection runs deep—perhaps even deeper than they’d ever realized.

As Edmund and Pippa begin to question whether the fire was truly an accident, they must discover the truth of the past before they can plan for their future. While coming perilously close to the answers they seek, Edmund and Pippa find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous foe who will stop at nothing to lay claim on Hawksford—and he will destroy any who stand in his way.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Refreshing and more telling of how times really were and how couples should be! This book shows a story in a time without a lot of technology and battle scars are worn more often then not.

Edmund comes home to find nothing as he left it. His brother and his new bride are gone from a fire. His childhood best friend Lady Pippa was also burned in the fire and has hidden herself in a convent trying to hide her scars and just serve others. There is troubles with rebuilding the tower where the fire was. Superstition exists. There is someone trying to take over Edmund's rightful place as Duke.

Edmund was also wounded while on the Crusades. Edmund is a righteous man. He is honorable. He only wants what is best for his home and those who need him! As Pippa and Edmund become reacquainted, they find themselves falling for each other. But they can not be together until they stop whatever force seems to be trying to stop Edmund and take everything he loves!

Perhaps what I like best about this book is that Pippa and Edmund are help meets to each other. Edmund and Pippa respect each other and they listen to the other! Edmund had taught Pippa as a young girl how to do many things that probably weren't appropriate for a Lady but it came in handy. She has a lot of faith! She is awesome with a knife! Pippa's scars make a lot of movement painful but she doesn't whine or dwell on it but moves forward and pushes through the pain! Edmund learns to let go of being the guy and allows Pippa, albeit hesitantly, to place herself into direct danger to help get rid of the evil that is messing with the lives of the people he is responsible for. They are equals!

If you like books from medieval times, good vs. evil, scars, the Crusades, fighting for what is right, family, honor, help meets, finding real love, impossible circumstances, then this might be for you!

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Sian Ann Bessey was born in Cambridge, England, and grew up on the island of Anglesey off the north coast of Wales. She left Wales to attend Brigham Young University and graduated with a bachelors degree in communications.

Traveling has given Sian a deep appreciation for a world full of diverse cultures. Through her writing, she introduces her readers to some of the places she has come to love especially her Welsh homeland.

Sian is the author of several LDS novels and childrens books. She has also written articles for the New Era, Ensign, and Liahona magazines. She and her husband, Kent, currently reside in Rexburg, Idaho. They are the parents of five children and the grandparents of two beautiful little girls and one handsome little boy.

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