30 October 2017

Blast & GIveaway: Talisman Of El (T.O.E. Trilogy #1) by Al Stone

Talisman Of El by Al Stone
Series: T.O.E. Trilogy, Book 1
Author: Al Stone
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Centrinian


One Planet.

Two Worlds.

Population: Human … 7 billion.
Others … unknown.

When 14-year-old Charlie Blake wakes up sweating and gasping for air in the middle of the night, he knows it is happening again. This time he witnesses a brutal murder. He’s afraid to tell anyone. No one would believe him… because it was a dream. Just like the one he had four years ago – the day before his dad died.

Charlie doesn’t know why this is happening. He would give anything to have an ordinary life. The problem: he doesn’t belong in the world he knows as home.

He belongs with the others.


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Praise for the Book:

"If there was ever a book series to rival Harry Potter, then Talisman Of El is definitely the one." - The Queen Of Teen Fiction

"This is a one of a kind novel." - Reflections Of A Bookworm

"All I have to say is that it has been a long time since I read a book in just one day." - Myth, Goodreads

"Talisman Of El is part fantasy, part mythology and pure adventure." - Tina, Winter Haven Books




The snow crunched beneath Charlie’s feet as he scuttled through the woods, not knowing where he was going. Whichever way he looked, darkness was creeping up on him. He had to squint to see through the falling snow. Hearing Jacob’s voice some way behind him, he stopped and hid behind a tree.
The night was cold and misty. A gentle wind blew, making the hairs on the back of his neck prick, and he shivered. Apart from the slight crackling oftwigs and the rustling of wildlife hidden in the darkness, it was quiet. Peering out from behind the tree, he saw the hazy light of the torch, which was moving away from him.
A snapping sound behind him made him jump, and he spun around. He gasped when he saw a figure moving towards him. It stopped close enough that he could see it wasn’t Jacob – for it was too thin – but not close enough to allow him to make out a face.
‘Be not afraid,’ a soft voice said.
Panic rose inside Charlie, and he turned to run, but his feet slipped from under him, and he fell on his back. Glancing behind him, he saw that the figure had disappeared. Then he heard a noise like the fluttering of wings and looked ahead, his eyes widening with fear.
The figure, wearing a long cloak, was standing a few feet away from him, a hood covering its head.
‘My name is Candra,’ the figure said.
‘How did you ...? You were just ...’ Charlie staggered to his feet.
‘I do not wish to harm you, Charlie,’ Candra said.
Charlie paused. That voice ... It sounded so familiar. He caught his breath in his throat. It can’t be. ‘How do you know my name?’ he asked in a shaky voice.
‘I have known you your whole life. I am here to protect you. I’m aware you are unnerved right now, but try to remain calm. The last thing we need is an earthquake.’
Charlie thought back to the tremor he had felt inside the canteen on his first day of school, and his breathing accelerated. His legs trembled as he took slow steps away from the woman.
‘Listen carefully,’ Candra said. ‘The talisman you saw. You need it. You must restore it ...’ She broke off, and an urgent edge crept into her voice. ‘You are not listening. Focus.’
Charlie clenched his eyes shut. She’s not real. Wake up. He opened his eyes, and the woman was still there. His heart kicked into overdrive when she disappeared and reappeared in front of him, leaving only inches between them. Seeing her intense green eyes, her face slashed with scars, he screamed.
No sooner had he tried to run than a violent windstorm assailed him. The snow and the dead leaves on the ground rose with the wind, attacking him. He fell once, twice, three times but got back up again.
As the wind grew stronger, it picked him up and threw him backwards. He hit the ground hard. Lying on his back, he heard faint footsteps. Soon, a blurry figure was standing over him. Then darkness swallowed him.

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Author Al Stone

Al Stone is the author of the YA fantasy trilogy T.O.E. After graduating with a BA in Film & Television, Al had worked in the television industry for a short period before a disabling injury caused her to turn her hand to storytelling. Talisman Of El is her debut novel. The sequels Blackout and Ground Zero are currently available for sale. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys going to the movies, listening to music and travelling. At present, she lives in England, United Kingdom with her family.

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