13 June 2017

Tour: Heartbeat of the Bitterroot by Janice Mineer

Heartbeat of the Bitterroot by Janice Mineer.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Clean Read.
Publication: June 13th 2017 by Sweetwater Books.
Jenna Clark always tried to bury her bleak beginnings in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, but a newfound secret about her father's identity forces Jenna to dig up her past. While there, mysterious threats and dangers suddenly enter her life that bring about an unexpected man of her dreams--Michael Callahan. After a lifetime of running away from family and love will Jenna find the courage to confront her past and step forward into the future?

Reviewed by Kelly.

I need to start with the negative, so that others will see that there is a need to keep reading! I wanted to stop reading the book up to halfway through the book. I couldn’t connect to Jenna! She was boring and I couldn’t find any spark of life in her! It was as if she was on autopilot. Her then boyfriend just proved my point as he was only ever around when it was convenient to him and then handed her his laundry while he drove off in his Corvette! Even the writing seemed to lack life, as in it was just proper grammar most of the time.

But, I kept reading and finally there was a bit of spark in her character and I found I loved the message of the book. Jenna was someone who helped others and found someone to love and who would love her too!

Her aunt loves the bitterroot plant and in this scene she explains using an analogy to Jenna’s life:

These flowers grow in almost any kind of soil… They are so hardy, they just find the light and move toward it until their skinny little tubular leaves push through the ground… They simply don’t give up…. If you cut the bitterroot in half… there is a red center, just at the top of the root. It’s the heart of the bitterroot...A tough little flower with a lot to give.

And Jenna seems to have a black cloud over her head because bad things keep happening to her. And one almost kills her. But her family and Michael are there for her…

“You doing OK?” Michael says- “Sure. I love getting chased through the woods in the middle of the night by an armed assailant.” (Jenna replies with) “I know. I’m the best date ever...”

The story has a wonderful moral and I liked the questions posed at the end of the book. I love the family here and the problems they face are met with love by all of them. No one is left out!

If you like stories with a moral, stupid uncaring boyfriends, bison, horses, serving others, airports, architecture, bitterroot flowers, family and finding someone who loves you for who you are then this might be for you.

There was the occasional irate customer, face twisted in fury over a missedplane, and sometimes there was the crushed bag leaking strange fluid. And ofcourse there were those times when an employee peacefully overslept,infusing panic into his team of overburdened co-workers. I expected mostdays at the Missoula Airport to hold a few surprises, but that particular day wasone for the record books. As a supervisor, it was my job to smooth out bumps,unruffle feathers and help maintain everyone's sanity. But nothing reallyprepared me for that morning.

Janice Mineer graduated from Brigham Young University and later taughtEnglish, allowing her to spend quality time with something she loves-thewritten word. A hopeless romantic ,Janice has played harp for weddings, evenfor one that took place on the edge of a cliff over a river. Because of her firsthusband's long illness, Janice and her family spent extended time away fromhome to be near the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. When her husband passedaway, Janice dedicated herself to work with the Ronald McDonald House toprovide a home away from home for families who need medical care for theirchildren. Janice is the author of a children's book, Gingerbread from the Heart.Heartbeat of the Bitterroot is her first novel.Janice lives in the Bitterroot valley of Montana with her husband, Randy.Between them they have five children and 11 beautiful grandchildren.

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