03 May 2017

Tour & Giveaway: Troll Whispers by Ashley C. Harris

Troll Whispers by Ashley C. Harris.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance.
Publication: May 2nd 2017 by Ashley C. Harris.
The highly anticipated standalone novella from the International Bestselling TROLL series!


At the age of seventeen, Cordelia Connor's teenage life is not what it seems.... By day, she attends high school and pretends to be normal. But by night, she and a select group of other teens, called the Knights, spend their time training and sparring. They are preparing to fight the most magically seductive and wicked creatures of all, the trolls.

Cordelia yearns for her classroom life to end so she can help hunt underground. But time seems to be going by ever so slowly, especially while she watches other high schoolers date and have fun. To Cordelia, non-knight boys are off limits. Something that's not a disappointment until the new kid, Daemon Banks, shows up.

Daemon is nothing like the knight boys or high school males she has known. He's taller, stronger, faster, and up to something in Cordelia's little beach side town. Because he's a normal human, whatever his motives are... they should be off limits. But when a possible troll sighting sends the knights to a d├ębaucheras party that Daemon is attending. Suddenly, his and Cordelia's worlds get scrambled, and she'll have to decide if she should let Daemon in.

Who to trust becomes alarming as troll sightings and mischief turn into a grave battle. Because of a traitor among the knights, the perilous treat only seems to be multiplying in Cordelia's world.

Reviewed by Kelly...

I felt for Cordelia, aka CeCe, in this book. Her life is so sad. Even to the end of this book, it's sad. If I didn't see a glossery of sorts at the end, I wouldn't know that she may yet find happiness.

The writing felt like a ballet having Cordelia's tell us her life and going back and forth in time. It was rhythmic and hypnotic. I know it sounds weird but it was.

Her brothers and her mother were killed in front of her when she was little by trolls. Her family are knights. They are somewhat with supernatural powers empowered with super hearing, speed and agility. They have special weapons. They generally train early so they can learn how to find and kill trolls and protect innocent humans. And Cordelia couldn't wait to grow up and be a knight so she find the trolls and kill them all!

Knights generally don't have much to do with innocents or us plain ole humans! They marry within their community or have arranged marriages.

All the characters have a role to play and if I could I would tell you about all of them. They all have a part in this action adventure paranormal romance! There are betrayals and shocking secrets that had me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what they were and then being in shock when they were revealed! By the end, I was pulling at my hair with all that was happening and the sorry state it left me in, wanting to/ needing to know what happens to all of them next. There are MANY unanswered questions
knowing I would have to wait for the next chapter in their lives! Because, yes it is a standalong, but it is also a break off series of its own! Ms. Harris is so sneaky!

Contents: Graphic Violence, sex

Cordelia awoke from her bed to a human’s scream. Was that my mom’s?! It couldn’t be.
The sound made her jump up, immediately her heart racing as she squirmed to the door. She wanted to be fearless and strong like her parents as she ran outside to find. . . Creatures that made her pause, like they’d turned her to ice. Suddenly, unlike her brave mother, she couldn’t even scream.
Holy God!
There were so many of them. They were unnaturally tall, some reaching the Texas’s home’s ceiling. Others even taller than that, having to bend their marble-like bodies over. Cordelia’s eyes went from one stone body to another, each monster with skin that looked so hard and unreal it shouldn’t have been able to move and breath. Yet, each creature was fully alive and mobile as they moved and barreled through her house; a home that was grand and considered, to most of their neighbors, the nicest. It had been in Cordelia’s family for many generations. She watched part of its walls crumble… Each demon-like giant flaring their fist into the foundation. More were coming that were well over nine feet tall, hunching just to get in and fit inside. These were all trolls, and there had to be over forty of them!
“Oh my God!” she gasped, overwhelmed.
Her parents had never let her see what real trolls really looked like. They’d said she wasn’t ready. As scary as these trolls were, not all but some of them, the younger looking ones, were also strangely beautiful. Like works of arts. No wonder some false legends lied claiming trolls were the decedents of entrapped titians. They did kind of look like a giant race of false gods. Gods that could tear Cordelia apart for fun.

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Author and film director Ashley C. Harris resides in Florida. Ashley was first recognized for her edgy writing and unique film work when she wrote and directed the teenage film “Lines”. Lines was the first feature film in the world captured using only Mac Laptops.

In 2013 she teamed up with Barclay Publicity to release the first in a new young adult novel series, “Shock Me”. Ashley then went on to author eight other titles, in multiple genres, as she also worked behind-the-scenes on a morning news show that aired on ABC.

In 2014, four of Ashley’s books landed on the Amazon's Best Selling Top-Ten-List. In 2015, she received her first publishing deal for “Troll”, a KindleScout novel winner.

When Ashley is not dreaming up new manuscripts and working on film sets, she loves spending time with her family, obsessing about biblical mysteries, and watching lots of Doctor Who.

Keep an eye out for her newest releases!

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