12 May 2017

Tour & GIveaway: Sense and Second Chances by Brittany Larsen

Sense and Second Chances by Brittany Larsen.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Retellings, LDS.
Publication: May 2017 by Covenant Communications.
Emily Carter is on the fast track to success when the unthinkable happens: a tragic accident claims the lives of her parents. Now Emily must set aside her dreams and raise her two younger siblings, Annie and Bryce. Emily and Annie are sisters, but that doesn’t mean they are anything alike. Whereas Emily reacts to the tragedy with her characteristic stoic calm, passionate Annie spirals into depression. Just when things seem like they can’t get any more difficult, Emily’s older half-brother and his fiancĂ©e arrive not to help, but to claim the family home he’s inherited from their parents. Without a place to call their own, Emily must take action—and fast. When an exciting employment opportunity arises in Utah, the displaced Carters decide to build a new life in a new home. But it soon becomes clear that their future prospects will go far beyond professional, as each sister is faced with an unexpected romance. Yet love is never simple, and in matters of the heart, one sister must proceed with caution while the other needs to take a leap of faith . . .

Reviewed by Kelly.

Oh how I love this book! I love Jane Austen and this book's retelling was spot on to the story! It really was like Sense and Sensibility.

And I'm going to break it down for you how it is just like the original:

The main couple come from two different worlds. Instead of the social classes this couple comes from different religions. Joel is Jewish and Emily is Mormon. Emily and Joel want the same things in life. I really like that the chemistry is there. As Emily navigates trying to stay in the friend zone, she is fighting a losing battle to Joel's kindness and his gentlemanly personality. He inadvertenly starts learning more about her religion. He has questions. His brother died due to circumstances around being an alcoholic. The religions differ on what happens after they die. But I really enjoyed watching the struggles it brought with their respective families as well.

Emily's half brother who gets the house (after their parents die) and is kicking the other siblings out is also Jewish. I'm not saying he being Jewish is a bad thing, I am just pointing out that he is Jewish, and that as in the original the brother is the one kicking them out of the house. But Emily, Annie and Bryce didn't really get to know a lot about their half brother growing up.

I heard in my head at one point where Annie, Emily's sister, apologizes to Emily. I heard it in my head with a British accent! Ha!

Drew (Mr Willoughby's modern version) was very much like his counterpart. Annie fell for him. And everyone knew something was not right with him. His aunt had a lot of money. It isn't until later in the book do you find out what he did that put a better perspective on what kind of person he was. Poor Luke! It was obvious from the beginning that he was really the better match! He plays in a band and is good and he has a business as well. He is always there for Annie even when she doesn't want him to be there. Doesn't that ring a familiar bell?!?

In this retelling, there is a difference that I much rather like than the original is that the 3rd sibling is a male. Also their parents both died in an airplane crash so no mom either. But having Joel and Luke around was really good for the youngest sibling as male role models. I liked that he was a normal 10 year old and had supersonic hearing when he wanted to and hard of hearing when he didn't! What kid doesn't? Haha!

Annie was an actress. She had values and that made it hard for her to get jobs because she wouldn't bend her beliefs. She was part of an anitpornography piece and since then it became harder for her to find a job. She then made a huge mistake and everything fell to pieces. She also suffers from severe depression. I like how things work in the end for her! Although, I am sure everyone can guess how that goes since it is a retelling. But it is still unique to this story how it goes!

The other love interest in Joel's life was Becca, a girl whom he was once engaged to but she broke it off because she didn't want kids. Then she decides to retry. Because Emily is moving and she doesn't think there is a future with Joel she pushes them together and her heart (and mine) ripped in two! But Becca is a smart girl and she is so sweet that you can't help but love and hate her in the same second!

Another similarity is there is a time where they all are out on a little gathering on horses! I found that scene a little amusing and a little irritating (at Drew)! And a little familiar! Again, loved it!!

There were so many sparks flying between them, I could have roasted a marshmallow.

The end had me with a sigh and heartrate spiking!

If you like retellings, Mormons, Jewish people and weddings, horses, bands, second chances, ranches, Los Angeles, B& B's, eco friendly stuff, actors, Planes, and finding your soul mate then this might be for you! I loved it!

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Brittany Larsen may have been raised in the most Republican state in the nation, but she's too politically fickle to commit to one party, much to the dismay of her firmly Democratic husband, Shawn. Generally, she avoids talking politics with him because she hates to lose. WHen not writing or avoiding politics, Brittany loves yoga—especially the hot kind—chocolate, tacos, and her three daughters. Not necessarily in that order. She tolerates her dog and running, though at times she loves them both. She lives in Orange County, California.

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