18 January 2017

Tour & GIveaway: Journey to the Rift by Cathi Shaw

Journey to the Rift by Cathi Shaw.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy.
Publication: November 3rd 2016 by Ink Smith Publishing.
A dangerous quest into a forbidden land wasn’t exactly what Brijit Carnesîr was planning after her graduation from the Academy. For years she has looked forward starting her life as a member of the Coimirceoirí and she is thrilled to discover that she has been chosen as the Academy Apprentice of her year. But despite the fact that she has been longing to go to Séreméla and work with the Elders, it soon becomes apparent that her fate isn’t as rosy as it appears to be. First, she is paired up with a grumpy male apprentice from Stone Mountain, Weylon Forborrow. Second, it doesn’t take her long to discover that the Elders are not taking her to Séreméla, as tradition dictates. Instead, Weylon and her are sent to The Rift, a dead land tainted with evil. Even before they join the Elder royalty at Tèarmann, an ancient fortress on the cusp of the Rift, Brijit discovers that the Elders are hiding too many things. She is given the task of helping the Princess in birthing the long awaited Queen of the Elders but nothing is as it seems. There is talk of an old and forgotten Prophecy, Weylon is attacked by a creature from the Rift and her grandmother is killed, after revealing a secret that rocks everything Brijit knows about her past. Soon Brijit questions everything she had been led to believe and, worse, she realizes that the future of Séreméla and all of Five Corners is in jeopardy, unless she can find a way to save it!

Guest Post: Playlist

The music I listen to when I write really depends on what project I’m working on. Generally, I am very influenced by music as a mood setter. When I’m writing fantasy stories, I tend to lean towards Dargaard and similar instrumental music.
My daughter put me onto 8Tracks lately though. And if you type in writing or novel writing all these incredible playlists come up. So I’ve been listening to a lot of those lately. And discovering a ton of great must that really sets the mood for writing. ☺

Book Teaser #1Brijit Carnesîr never trusted the Elders completely but as the female Chosen Coimirceoirí of her year she is expected to work with them. Then she stumbles upon information that changes everything. Nothing that she expected from the Elders is actually going to happen and most of what she has believed her entire life is revealed as fallacy. Not knowing whom she can trust or what her own purpose might be, Brijit finds herself stuck with the sullen male Chosen Coimirceoirí, Weylon Forborrow, someone she clearly has nothing in common with. As the Elder Knights lead them further and further into the unknown lands West of the Academy, Brijitfinds herself having to make the chose to trust Weylon or carry on alone. When her rooms are ransacked she suddenly has no choice left. She has to trust Weylon or risk her own safety. Book Teaser #2Brijit Carnesîr is the Chosen female Coimirceoirí of her year. It is something she has been dreaming about for the last sixyears. But her dreams didn’t include Elder secrets, dying forests and an oozing evil that threatens the very existence of Five Corners. The answers lie in an untranslatable Prophecy that the Elders control. And Brijit, along with her Coimirceoirí partner, Weylon, are left searching for answers from the very people whom they are supposed to be protecting.

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Cathi Shaw lives in Summerland, BC with her husband and three children. She is often found wandering around her home, muttering in a seemingly incoherent manner, particularly when her characters have embarked on new adventure. In addition to writing fiction, she is the co-author of the textbook Writing Today and the true story, Surviving Logan.

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  1. Thank you for the excerpt & giveaway.

    1. You're very welcome, Beth Ann! Good luck! :)

  2. Sounds good can't wait to read it.

    1. Aw, thanks, Jean. Let me know how you find it when you do! :)

  3. What were your 1-2 biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) throughout the publishing process?

    1. Hi Mai,
      I'll give you two:
      1) How much time a writer has to spend marketing. Journey is actually the fifth book I've published and I've worked with big publishing houses, medium sized ones and Indie press. It doesn't matter you have to spend a lot of time marketing and telling people about your book.

      2) How good you have to become at handling rejection. I mean I KNEW that but when I was trying to publish my very first book I had 48 rejections from agents! I was about to give up but everyone who had read the book told me it was so good and I had to keep trying. So I started pitching the book directly to publishing houses. The first one I contacted requested a copy of the MS. They ultimately passed on it but the second one was Ink Smith and they loved the book. I've been with them ever since. :) So you have to just believe in your book and keep your head & keep trying! :)

  4. Love the story line of this book

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