13 December 2016

From Cairo, With Love (Timeless Romance Single) by Nancy Campbell Allen

From Cairo, With Love (Timeless Romance Single) by Nancy Campbell Allen.
Audience/Genre: Historical Fiction, Clean Read, Novella.
Publication: November 1st 2016 by Mirror Press.
From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling & #1 Amazon bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean & Wholesome Romance, comes the Timeless Romance Singles line.

FROM CAIRO, WITH LOVE: A brand new historical romance novella from bestselling author Nancy Campbell Allen.

Valentine Baker longs for adventure, so when the opportunity comes to travel to Venice and be a companion for the unconventional Contessa, she takes it--but they don’t stay in Venice long. Valentine finds herself on a ship bound for Cairo so the Contessa can hunt down a thief at one of her archaeological digs there. Before they ever get close to the coast of Egypt, however, the ship is threatened by a violent storm and someone has an ulterior motive for sticking close to the Contessa and her traveling companions.

Mr. Maxwell is assigned to protect the Contessa and the charming Valentine. He tries to keep his distance, but her warm nature and easy laugh draw him in. He soon comes to cherish their time together, until someone attempts to drug him, and the aftermath reveals serious consequences for Valentine. He’ll do anything to keep her safe and her reputation intact, yet with treachery on board and his heart at stake, Mr. Maxwell must make a choice that will change his life forever. Can he win the woman of his dreams or will whoever wants to hurt them get close enough to take away his one chance for love?

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Reviewed by Kelly.

This is a cute cute short story to read! It’s about a girl, Valentine, who has lots of older brothers and believes that she will never get married and then she will inherit the cottage that the spinsters in her family inherit. She lives with one of her married brothers and has reconnected with a cousin from Italy.

When she goes to see her cousin, which is her first stop as a companion to the Contessa as they journey to Cairo at the site of an archeological dig, she sees Mr. Maxwell and she is speechless. He interprets that as she is a snob. She finds him very attractive over the olive skin of the men of Italy. He has skin that is tanned but by the sun not by inheritance. Mr. Maxwell is going to Cairo as well as his brother is at the dig.

As Mr. Maxwell and Valentine get to know each other, he realizes he was wrong about her and he finds himself wanting to protect her on the journey to Cairo. There is a little mystery of the relics in Egypt that needs to be solved as well. There are other people they meet on the ship too. Some are enemies and some are just a little immature. But in the end, the enemies remain that and the immature prove to be long life friends.

But of course, my purpose of reading the book was the romance between Valentine and Mr. Maxwell. No one knows his first name. They just call him Max. Valentine has a caring heart and one night on the ship just wreaks total havoc and there are things that happen that can cause shame and humiliation and change reputations. How they deal with that is so sweet. The romance is at a good pace to me. I loved how everything ended and I enjoyed the world that was described. It made me want to book a flight and see these places! I just might do it!!

If you want a good romance, a quick read, adventure, sailing across the ocean, other countries, archeology, gyms, family, scandals, and even learn where the term "thug" came from, then read this!!

Nancy Campbell Allen (N.C. Allen) is the author of twelve published novels, which span genres from contemporary romantic suspense to historical fiction. In 2005 , her work won the Utah Best of State award. She has presented at numerous writing conferences and events since her first book was released in 1999. Nancy received a BS in Elementary Education from Weber State University. She loves to read, write, travel and research, and enjoys spending time laughing with family and friends. She is married and the mother of three children.

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