27 November 2016

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Caught on Camera
Madelle Morgan
(Hollywood in Muskoka, #1)
Publication date: September 9th 2016
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

To achieve her dream of working on Hollywood film sets, star struck chambermaid Rachel Lehmann needs $35,000 for film school tuition by the end of the summer. When she’s asked to fill in for a missing bridesmaid at a movie star’s wedding, it’s her big chance to take candid photos of celebrities and sell them to the entertainment media. Then groomsman Mickey McNichol, agent to the stars, sweeps her off her feet.

Mickey’s bitter experience is that everyone in show business fakes emotions. When he falls for the stand-in bridesmaid, he thinks he’s finally met a beautiful woman he can trust. But if Rachel betrays his friends’ privacy, Mickey will ensure she never works in Hollywood.

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Chapter 11: There’s Something About Rachel

Wendy had produced a Hollywood movie love song challenge. After listening to each song, guests were invited to write down the name of the film in which it had been sung. Each person who accurately matched a film title to every song received a $1,000 Nordstrom gift card. Rachel saw no reason she shouldn’t be one of them.

Rachel used the slim sterling silver pen to write in the space next to the song title “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”

“Some Like It Hot,” Mickey said at her side.

Startled, Rachel managed a grin. Her heart swelled at the easy smile aimed exclusively at her.

“Already wrote it down.” She showed him her card.

He eased onto the adjacent chaise lounge, elbows on knees facing her, and whistled. “You’ve nailed them all so far.”

Mickey wore nothing but navy swim trunks and a pair of sunglasses. His tanned arms and sleek torso glistened with sunscreen. She’d watched him—okay, spied on him using the zoom—schmoozing with the guests. He’d laughed, he’d gestured, he’d air-kissed cheeks, methodically working his way along the three sides of the infinity pool until he reached her. Popular, handsome, charming and confident, Mickey was her polar opposite.

The wedding guests luxuriated in the relative privacy. Several of Halden’s guests had starred in blockbuster superhero movies. Cobie Smulders tossed a beach ball in the pool with her young daughter in water wings and handsome husband. Cobie, a Canadian with superhero cred as the voice of Wonder Woman in the 2014 The Lego Movie, had played a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain America himself, the buff actor Christopher Evans, remained engrossed in conversation with Halden, Garth, and Tiffany at one of the larger shaded tables. Rachel yearned to overhear Apollo and Captain America’s conversation!

The next song rolled out of the speakers. Ewan McGregor and RenĂ©e Zellweger sang “Here’s to Love.”

“Down with Love!” Mickey and Rachel blurted simultaneously, then laughed. Rachel scribbled the movie title on her card.

“Do you know the year of the film?” Mickey asked.

“2003.” Rachel fished out an ice cube from the glass of water placed at her side and applied it to an especially itchy mosquito bite on her neck that had been driving her crazy all morning. Mindful of the wedding that afternoon, she resisted the urge to scratch. Candy’d have a fit if she saw red welts covering her bridesmaid’s exposed skin. And her skin sure had been exposed the previous night. In the lake. With her legs wrapped around Mickey’s waist and her tongue down his throat. Heat pooled down there. She eyed the infinity pool, longing to jump in and cool off before Mickey twigged to her lustful thoughts.

“Who was the director?”

With difficulty she focused on answering his question. “Peyton Reed. Jeff Cronenweth, Down with Love’s cinematographer, was nominated for an Academy Award for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

Mickey’s dark brows lifted above the rim of his shades. “Impressive. How did you absorb so much arcane movie trivia?”

“I’m a cinephile,” she admitted. “There’s so much to learn from watching films, even the ones that bomb at the box office.”

Mickey swung his legs up onto the adjacent chaise lounge, leaned back, and folded his hands behind his head. “Who has time to watch every movie that opens? Not me, and I’m in the business.”

She shrugged. “Eat, sleep, work, watch movies and TV series on my laptop—it’s pretty much all I do up here in Muskoka.”

“No boyfriend?”

“Boyfriends tie you down.”

“Kinky.” Speculation had Mickey raising his sunglasses to peer over at her. “Count me in.”


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Author Bio:

Madelle completed four novels before Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. contracted to publish her debut romantic suspense, Diamond Lust—republished as Diamond Hunter—and a sexy, short free read, The Next Big Thing, in 2010.

When Madelle realized her author voice is more suited to light, humorous contemporary romance, she went waaaay back to her teen years for the Hollywood in Muskoka series setting. Madelle, her sisters, and assorted pets enjoyed idyllic summers at a lake in the District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, named by National Geographic Traveler magazine as one of their top 20 Best of the World Must-see Places.

The Muskoka lakes’ forested shorelines are dotted with palatial properties owned by wealthy families and Hollywood celebrities. At sixteen, being neither rich nor famous, Madelle worked briefly as a chambermaid at the now-closed Delawana Inn, a local resort.

Madelle is retired from an engineering career in the federal public service and lives in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, with her husband. She tries to keep fit with cycling, Pilates, and yoga, and dreams of owning a waterfront cottage. Or at least a pool.

She tweets and posts on Facebook and Goodreads about Hollywood, filmmaking, Muskoka, and, of course, writing. She blogs the second Tuesday of the month at romancingthegenres.blogspot.com and occasionally on her own website.

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