03 October 2016

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Remember Yesterday (Forget Tomorrow #2) by Pintip Dunn

Remember Yesterday (Forget Tomorrow #2) by Pintip Dunn.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian.
Publication: October 4th 2016 by Entangled: Teen.
Sixteen-year-old Jessa Stone is the most valuable citizen in Eden City. Her psychic abilities could lead to significant scientific discoveries―if only she’d let TechRA study her. But after they kidnapped and experimented on her as a child, cooperating with the scientists is the last thing Jessa would do.

But when she discovers the past isn’t what she assumed, Jessa must join forces with budding scientist Tanner Callahan to rectify a fatal mistake made ten years ago. She’ll do anything to change the past and save her sister―even if it means aligning with the enemy she swore to defeat.

I lift my eyes to meet his, and I reach into the future—his future. The vision pours into me. The future Tanner grabs me and kisses me. Without warning, without hesitation. It is hot and searing and exquisite. And I like it. Oh, how I like it.
“No!” I fall out of the vision and scoot away from him, so far that I approach the edge of the platform. My pulse is thundering; my nerves are jumping. Oh, Fates. What’s wrong with me? Is it because I don’t want him to kiss me? Or because I want it too much?
His eyes turn watchful. "Come back here, Jessa. You're too close to the sky."
I look into the open space, fluffy with wads of cotton-ball clouds. I take a breath, hoping to inhale some of the sky's serenity. He doesn't know about the kiss. Why would he? In the vision, he acted impulsively, without premeditation. The desire to kiss me hasn't arisen in him yet. Maybe I can prevent it from cropping up altogether.
"Look, you don't want to kiss me," I babble, staying where I am. And hope I sound more reasonable than I feel. "It's only because we talked about kissing the other day. When you talk about something, you give it life. Make it real. Like an annoying song you can't get out of your head."
He creeps toward me, his eyes flicking between my face and the sky. "So you can't get the idea of kissing me out of your head?"
"I said it was annoying. Like a song. Not based on anything real."
He stops five feet from the edge of the platform. "So let me get this straight. You saw into the future and we kissed. Right?"
"Y-yes,” I stutter, shocked that he guessed the truth so easily. “But it doesn't have to happen that way," I add quickly. "As my sister proved, we're in control of our own fate. We can make any future we wish."
"Unless this is our Fixed." His voice is low, rough. And yet, every syllable imprints into my memory forever. "Unless this kiss is so important, it happens in every one of our worlds."
"It's just a kiss. How can it be that important?"
His eyes glitter with the challenge. With one last look at the platform's edge, he crawls to me, slowly but steadily. "The path of our particular world might depend on this kiss. Would you risk our future just to be stubborn?"
And then, he's right in front of me. He rests his hands lightly on my back. They slide down to my waist, until his fingers brush against the strip of bare skin between my pants and top. I shiver, and my skin pebbles into a million goose bumps. He pulls me against him. So much of my body is touching his that I can't think; I can't breathe. All I can do is feel. His trembling breath. My hammering heart. His shaking hands—or hell, maybe that's me, vibrating against his touch.
Our lips are inches apart. Time blends together. You couldn't move me from this spot if the world were crashing down around us.
"I thought I wasn't your type," I whisper.
"You're not," he says. "But for the fate of our world, I'm willing to make the sacrifice."
And then, he closes the gap between us.

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Pintip Dunn is a New York Times bestselling author of YA fiction. She graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B. in English Literature and Language, and received her J.D. at Yale Law School.

Pintip is represented by literary agent Beth Miller of Writers House. Her debut novel, FORGET TOMORROW, won the RWA RITA® for Best First Book. Her other books include THE DARKEST LIE and REMEMBER YESTERDAY.

She lives with her husband and children in Maryland. You can learn more about Pintip and her books at www.pintipdunn.com

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  1. I'm new to the series but would love to catch up! Sounds intriguing and I love the unique cover!

  2. I wonder what mistake was made 10 years ago! Sounds like a great read!

  3. I've actually already read both books (so they're on my GR "read" shelf, not my "to-read"), the second one thanks to Net Galley. I'm just really anxious for the third book and the little novella that's supposed to come out before then. I've had really great luck with this author because I also read her book called The Darkest Lie, which was awesome. Thanks for the great chance!

  4. I've actually already read both books (so they're on my GR "read" shelf, not my "to-read"), the second one thanks to Net Galley. I'm just really anxious for the third book and the little novella that's supposed to come out before then. I've had really great luck with this author because I also read her book called The Darkest Lie, which was awesome. Thanks for the great chance!

  5. I enjoyed the excerpt and love the cover.

  6. I'll have to check out the first book in this series.

  7. Looks like a good series. I look forward to starting it.

  8. I will have to check out these books they sound good

  9. This series has been on my tbr list for while and the excerpt was very nice to read.

  10. I have the first book but haven't read it yet. It's crazy, I don't know what I'm waiting for! A lot of raving reviews for it and a lot of people can't wait to get teh sequel. I'm excited too!

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