05 September 2016

Tour & GIveaway: A Place For Miss Snow by Jennifer Moore

A Place For Miss Snow by Jennifer Moore.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Regency Romance, Clean Read.
Publication: September 1, 2016 by Covenant Communications.
Miss Diana Snow is everything a British chaperone should be—she finds satisfaction in order and depends wholly upon the rules of decorum as she negotiates the isle of Greece with her young charge. But Miss Snow's prim and proper exterior masks a disquieting past: orphaned and alone in the world, she has only her stiff upper lip to rely on. When a brief encounter with a handsome stranger challenges her rules of propriety, Diana is unwittingly drawn into an adventure that will turn her ordered world upside down.

Alexandros Metaxas is a Greek spy working to recruit individuals to the cause of revolution. His mission seems to be going perfectly until he encounters Diana Snow, a captivating—if slightly cold—beauty. When their paths cross again, the ill-fated reunion threatens all Alex has been fighting for. But more importantly, it places Diana's life in jeopardy. There is only one way to save her: they must put themselves at the mercy of the most powerful pirate family in the Mediterranean. Soon, Diana is plunged into a fantastic world of gypsy curses, blood feuds, and unexpected romance. But when a bitter vendetta places her in mortal danger, will she have the courage to fight for life and love?

Reviewed by Kelly.

I totally get Miss Snow and her quiet way of reserving herself so she doesn’t get hurt with emotions or people not caring for her in return. Her past is sad, her current life of being a companion is boring and at times humiliating when she voices her opinion around those women who are with her charge.

So when a man comes into a conversation between her and Molly, her companion, she is both intrigued and bothered by it. When he leaves his gloves, she impulsively tries to return them. In doing so, she stumbles upon a transaction between the man, Alexandros Metaxas, and pirates. Alex has asked to see the head pirate guy. He pretends he doesn’t know her. To do so would mean immediate death for both of them. Now, she is taken on the ship with them. Miss Snow is both angered and humiliated that she even was intrigued by him. She doesn’t know what would have happened if he said he knew her.

When they get to where the pirates and their families live in Greece things start to change for Miss Snow. She is sent to stay with a family whose father and husband is away. The mother is very pregnant. So Miss Snow helps out and falls in love with the family and the people. She learns a lot but more importantly she learns to let go and truly love.
I know nothing about Greek and Turkey’s histories so reading it was a little slower for me, not even to mention how difficult Greek names are! Ha-ha.

I loved the characters in the book. I would have fallen in love with them too if I were there! I loved that the romance was really second to the story of both Alex and Miss Snow’s ability to love and take risks where the heart is concerned. When I say the heart, I mean loving people in general and taking a leap of faith that they will care for you in return and always be your friend. I loved what Miss Snow did to help the children (can’t tell you what that is). I loved the story line. The story was fast paced (once I caught on to the history) and I couldn’t put it down. It makes me want to go visit these areas of the world.

If you like ships, Greek and Turkey’s histories, regency romance, labor (both physical and birthing), chickens, goats, the ocean, taking a risk of loving others, finding where you belong, vendettas, and being a hero than this might be for you!

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Jennifer Moore is a passionate reader and writer of all things romance due to the need to balance the rest of her world, which includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that are anything but romantic. Jennifer has a BA in linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family.

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