13 September 2016

Release Day Blast: Spring Dreams by Stacey Joy Netzel

Spring Dreams by Stacey Joy Netzel.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance.
Publication: September 13, 2016.
Nine years ago, Alex Riley left home in handcuffs. Now he’s back in Pulaski with a chip on his shoulder bigger than the Grand Canyon—especially when a freak accident with the town’s beloved Santa Butch forces him into an Easter Bunny costume minutes after arriving. Worse, the man blackmails him into an extended stay helping out at the new teen center being built by the beautiful but righteous Ms. Emma Winston.

Former social worker Emma Winston is used to dealing with surly teenagers in a composed, encouraging manner, yet her first encounters with Alex make her want to smack the man. His first day at her construction site, she’s distressed to realize she also wants to kiss him—even with his disagreeable attitude. She knows better than to fall for a bad boy who’s made no secret he can’t wait to leave the town where, for the first time in her life, she’s planting deep roots. But the more she glimpses beneath his gruff exterior, the harder it is to remember they don’t share the same dream.

Her feet inched over, and she rationalized she was only making sure he was doing the job she’d hired him for. Might have bought the excuse, too, if she didn’t notice he’d taken off his leather jacket and red flannel shirt since the last time she’d looked, leaving just his snug, white T-shirt. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and his biceps flexed in the late morning sunshine as he fought to keep the machine going in a straight line through the dirt.
She truly hadn’t expected to see him again after the costume incident at Whispering Pines. Then there’d been the hospital, and now this morning. Each time, even when he was being an ass, that wounded look in his eyes the first time she’d seen his face refused to leave her mind.

Underneath his tough exterior, Alex Riley was a man who was hurting. A man who just wanted to be a part of his family, and she’d even go so far as to say, to be loved. He’d already be long gone from Pulaski if he didn’t.

She’d seen the same wounded look in the eyes of the teens she’d worked with in the foster system. The same look she’d seen every day in the mirror until she became an expert at avoiding her own eyes.
Problem was, every once in a while the wall cracked, and she got a vivid glimpse of what her heart wanted most and still hadn’t found.
Alex switched direction with the tiller, and she traced her gaze over his strong, rugged features.

Those disquieting blue-gray eyes squinted against the sun, while his jaw was set with determination. He resembled his cousins Mark and Eric enough that she realized a smile—a real smile that reached his eyes—would turn good-looking into gorgeous.

With some time, acceptance, and understanding, she could probably—

Don’t you dare. You can’t fix that man any more than he can fix you. He’ll break your heart and never look back.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel is an avid reader of heartwarming and pulse-pounding romance, and she loves all movies with a happily ever after. She lives in Wisconsin with her family, a horse and some barn cats. She enjoys gardening, canning, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North), at the family cabin on the lake. Travelling anywhere to the mountains to do some hiking is a bonus she wishes she could do much more often than every couple years.

She writes romantic suspense, small town contemporary romances, and paranormal ghost stories. Colorado, Wisconsin, and Italy are favorite settings, which explains why her bestselling books include the Romancing Wisconsin Series, Italy Intrigue Series, Welcome to Redemption Series, and the Colorado Trust Series.

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