30 August 2016

Tour & Giveaway: Undercover Target by Frank Holdaway

Undercover Target by Frank Holdaway.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Suspense, Clean Read.
Publication: August 1st 2016 by Covenant Communications.
When Matt Knight left his career as a spy to marry the woman of his dreams, he thought he was in for a life of domestic bliss. But after adopting a baby girl and her teenage brother from China, he finds that being a father comes with its own set of challenges—problems that his work as an antiterrorism agent did nothing to prepare him for. Or so he thought. When a Scout campout with his son takes a terrifying turn, Matt realizes his past and present have just collided, with devastating consequences. Deep in the rugged mountains of Utah, a band of mercenaries lies in wait. The target: Matt Knight. Their orders come from a dangerous enemy from the former agent’s past, one who is bent on destroying everything Matt holds dear. While struggling to protect his son and the other Scouts, Matt is horrified to learn the full extent of the plan: his wife and baby have been taken too. Now the agent-turned-family man must draw on his years of combat training in an explosive battle to save those he loves—or die trying.

Reviewed by Kelly.

From the moment I opened up the book, I was entranced. When I had to go to work, I kept thinking of what would happen next and if I would be able to read any on my break. But as a nurse in a hospital a break just doesn’t happen, darn!

I wished I had known there was another story before this book about Hope and Matt. It doesn’t have to be read first but I would have liked to have read their story first.

This story is from the moment they adopt 2 children from China. One a baby girl (Jin), and the other a 13 year old boy (Peng) who could sneak off and get out of any lock and is good with gadgets.

The story is about their family, their faith in God, and with Matt’s backround in antiterrorism, things go south on a camping expedition with the scouts where some merceneries are trying to get all of Matt’s family to be given to someone and they needed to be all alive as part of a revenge. Matt’s other scout leader was a Delta (Ron). He always goes prepared for anything and it was nonstop action for the boys on the trip. (Some of it way too scarey for real life and some really kind of funny) The boys went to the trip as obnoxious teenagers who all didn’t get along to a group with a leader and working together.

Meanwhile, Hope and Jin are taken captive along with Zack and Permelia. Zack is a huge guy and is also military trained but he is kept sedated through most of the book. Then the sidekick is Permelia! She is hilarious and not afraid of anything. She is not to be messed with though! She is an older woman who can kick butt! Hope sees the good in everyone and refuses to worry about things but tries to help those that have her captive to choose the right!

I enjoyed every aspect this book had! It was engaging, thoughtful, funny and sad and some moments were even a little like redemption. There were bad guys aplenty and it was interesting to see the turn of events. This book is great for anyone! It does have violence in it with the fighting and shooting.

I am looking forward to reading other books by this author.

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Frank Holdaway lives, works, writes, and hikes in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. He is blessed with a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, and a slightly warped sense of humor. He enjoys reading, eating tacos, and, most of all, watching characters come to life.

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