10 August 2016

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Echoing by Jessica Blackburn

The Echoing by Jessica Blackburn.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal.
Publication: August 1st 2016 by Bonneville.
Rylee has an unusual gift. It brings good luck to those who are kind to her and misfortune to those who are not-at least, that's what the crazy woman in the woods tells her. But Rylee doesn't believe it until strange coincidences start happening to her classmates and friends. Her gift may not be a matter of luck but of life and death.

Reviewed by Kelly.

A story with flowing descriptions that make you see and feel the story unfold before you. It leaves you thinking long after the story ends. It is original with a brief touch of mythology and biblical connections.

The ending of the story is utterly genius!

When I first started reading it, I noticed all the descriptions but didn’t really get to see into Rylee’s personality only what she saw in others. But as I read on I noticed that that is who she is. She is selfless and humble.

Rylee is in high school. She watches how people treat others. She notices the good in people. When she stumbles into an old woman with white covered eyes offering her a chance to be a “balancer” by looking into a mirror, she is first hesitant but then does what the woman says by looking into a mirror made of black onyx. When she does, she knows nothing will be the same anymore. She also notices a man staring back at her in the reflection. She screams and drops the mirror shattering it. From then on, everything is different! However someone treats Rylee, they get the same immediate treatment in return. Like the man she has always known who always helped others, stopped to help her fix her flat tire. The next day she hears that he won this large sum of money. She tests her theory on some bullies in school and they are given a hilarious karma treatment!

But with great gifts comes great responsibility! (Yes, I stole the words) When a man starts stalking her and threatening her things change once again. Her choices will have lasting consequences. I read it fast because I wanted to know where the writer was taking us. What would happen? I couldn’t read it fast enough! I cried! I smiled at her cute little brother! I swooned over her boyfriend!

If you want a book with just a touch of romance and that relationship is not what the book is about; some biblical references, mythological references; suspense, immortals, karma, waterfalls, sacrifices for the greater good, some death, painting, great friends, dogs, woods, good vs. evil, than this might be for you!

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Jessica Blackburn studied at Brigham Young University—Idaho and graduated from her local community college with an Associates of Arts Degree. She currently lives in the beautiful Columbia Gorge as a stay-at-home mom. When she’s not writing stories, she spends her spare time teaching Sunday School and blogging her lessons and personal thoughts at cozybugz.blogspot.com.

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  1. Thank you so much, Kelly, for this touching review! It means so much to me. Thank you for featuring me on your blog today! I appreciate it so much!