14 April 2016

Book Blitz: Her Secret, His Surprise by Paula Altenburg

**Note: this title was originally released July 14, 2014 and has been updated to be a closed door Bliss.Special sale price! Her Secret, His Surprise will be on sale for $.99 for a limited time only!

Her Secret, His Surprise by Paula Altenburg.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance.
Publication: July 14th 2014 by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Bliss.
Conflict of interest is an understatement…

Since being disowned by her strict father, Cass Stone has spent her adulthood trying to prove him wrong. Her drive has led to more success than her family ever thought she’d achieve, and life is looking great. Not even an incredible and mysterious one night stand that leaves her a single mom can trip her up...until the father of her baby stumbles back into her life, as sexy and unreliable as ever.

Logan Alexander hasn’t forgotten the night he spent with Cass two years ago, but he never expects to end up undercover as her assistant. His job saves lives—like it should have saved his brother—and he can’t afford complications. It’s difficult enough to maintain his cover as a carefree wanderer when he realizes his attraction to Cass hasn’t faded...and then he meets Cass’s daughter.

But their present situation was far too complicated for that. His goal was to push her away. They already skated a fine line between personal and professional that could only cause problems neither one of them needed.

Logan caught her hands as they drifted to the waistband of his jeans and he held them, trying to breathe. “You’re my boss at the office. It might be a bad idea for you to be my boss after hours, too.” He couldn’t resist. “Granted, I do enjoy taking orders from you.”

Alarm deepened the hazel of her eyes. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She still planned to pretend they were strangers. He ran his thumb across the soft pad of her wrist. “You aren’t worried about what sleeping with your admin assistant might do to your career?”

Her mouth opened and closed.

“One of us should be thinking about consequences.” He dropped her hands and took a step towards the door, then stopped with his own hand on the doorknob. “Happy birthday, Miss M-M-Mary. See you in the morning.”

Cass touched her lips with trembling fingers, and reached for the countertop behind her to steady herself. Her voice, although low, carried plainly as he shut the door behind him.

“I liked you better as a bartender,” she’d whispered.

Multi-published author Paula Altenburg has written short contemporary romance, as well as fantasy and paranormal romance, for publishers Entangled, Tule, and Tor. Her Spy to Have, the first book in her new and exciting Spy Games series, marks her 13th published work of fiction. She lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and two sons. Once a manager in the aerospace industry, she now enjoys working from home and writing fulltime.

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