02 April 2016

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Mistaken Identity by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Mistaken Identity by Stephanie Nicole Norris.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Romance, Suspense.
Publication: March 1st 2016 by Smashwords Edition.
The only thing Briana and Tiana have in common are their identical looks. For Tiana, life is one challenge after another, but her greatest struggle is sharing a face with the sister she despises. Tired of living in the shadows, she comes up with a plan to finally have everything she ever wanted.

Everything seems to come easy for Briana, including her beautiful children, loving husband and dynamic career. Briana's charmed life is ripped apart when she wakes up in the hospital with no idea who she is and no memory of her former life. With the help of the handsome stranger who saved her, Briana builds a new life and finds new love, while Tiana won't rest until Briana has no life at all.

“What’s on your mind, sweetheart?” she heard Charles say.
Immediately, her face lit up fire engine red. How embarrassed she was at the silly thoughts entertaining her mind.
“Must’ve been good, ’cause I’ve been watching you this whole time, and not once have you blinked.”
Briana turned to him. She didn’t know if she was more turned on by the fact that he’d been watching her, or by the look on his face now. If she was a meal, she was sure he would eat her up.
“Actually,” she said, “I was thinking about how good the homemade chicken pot pie is that I packed for our lunch, and how much you’re going to love it,” she teased.
He grinned. “Liar.”
Her cheeks flamed again, and although her skin was brown, he could see the beet red on her face. “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” he joked.
Briana giggled. Her pants were actually about to be on fire if she didn’t cool off, and soon.
He turned into the park entrance and found a quick spot. Jumping out of the car, he took long strides to the passenger door and opened it. He left just enough room for her to stand without touching him. It didn’t really matter because they were so close she could smell his scent, which taunted her with fragrance notes of Old Spice and honey.
“Gabrielle,” he said. She looked up at him expectantly. “Do I make you nervous?”
She smiled and let out a small sigh. “Yes.”
He grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers. “I wouldn’t do anything to you that you didn’t want. You do know that, right?” His fingers tightened around hers and he rested his arm on the top of the truck, making her stand face to face with him.
“Yes,” she said, just above a whisper.
“Do you trust me?” he asked.
“Yes,” she said.
He reached for her and caressed her face. Her eyes closed then slightly opened. He was a sight for sore eyes, and it was a freak accident that had him single. Yeah, she trusted him, even though she didn’t trust herself.

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Stephanie Nicole Norris is an author from Chattanooga Tennessee with a humble beginning. She was raised along with six siblings by her mother, Jessica Ward. Always being a lover of reading from early childhood Stephanie loved to read books by R.L. Stine. With a natural talent for writing Stephanie started her journey in 2010 to bring her stories to life. In 2011 her Debut Novel "Trouble In Paradise" was completed and shortly published in early 2012. Stephanie’s words tell stories of love, drama, deception, suspense, and restoration. She is inspired by the likes of Eric Jerome Dickey, Jackie Collins, Gwynne Forster, and more. She resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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