15 February 2016

Review: Asleep by Krystal Wade

Asleep by Krystal Wade.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Horror.
Publication: February 16th 2016 by Blaze Publishing Inc.
"To cure fear, you must use fear."

Rose Briar claims no responsibility for the act that led to her imprisonment in an asylum. She wants to escape, until terrifying nightmares make her question her sanity and reach out to her doctor. He’s understanding and caring in ways her parents never have been, but as her walls tumble down and Rose admits fault, a fellow patient warns her to stop the medications. Phillip believes the doctor is evil and they’ll never make it out of the facility alive. Trusting him might be just the thing to save her. Or it might prove the asylum is exactly where she needs to be.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen this genre, but I loved Ms. Wade’s Charming so I thought I would give it a go when the book was offered to me for an honest review.

This book is mind blowing. I was feeling all kinds of things. Wondering if this happens in real life sometimes. Feeling like Rose never got a moment to herself. Feeling sad for her. Feeling unsure about the Doctor and Nurse Judy. Feeling like I didn’t know who to trust. Feeling like how crazy is Rose and is it real or is it someone else making her think she is crazy? Feeling sad for Phillip and going back and forth with his reality. I can’t say anymore on that note. Feeling mad that any adult really thought some of those methods were ok. Feeling mad at Rose’s friends and parents. Horror over the whole thing. But Horror is the genre so I guess it did its job.

There are some twists and turns and just when I thought one thing something else happened to make me question what I thought would happen or what was the real reality. Ugh, I feel like “I” need some time in the institution to find out what the reality is after reading this book! I wanted to jump in there and save Rose and Phillip. But at the same time, I would have been too chicken to go in there! Ha-ha!

Rose is put in the Institute by her parents. Rose tries to escape without success. So she finds the good Dr seemingly kind to Rose and trying to get her to admit to her reasons for being there. Rose doesn’t believe she needs to be there. At first, you don’t know what really brought her there in the first place. She is given lots of drugs and doesn’t know what their purpose is. But she finds her dreams to be nightmares and wakes up with a few bruises and finds another boy who tries to tell her to stop taking the medication. He always has bruises and bandages on him. She doesn’t know how crazy he is and whether to believe him or not. Then she loses track of time. Her world is not okay anymore. But she wants to escape.

I can’t even tell you anymore because things are constantly changing and you as the reader can’t decipher reality from dreams either. So hang on tight and go for a wild ride with an awesome horror retelling of a fairytale story. If you like stories with twists and turns, horror, psychological twisters, some violence, a little love story, then maybe this book is for you. But be prepared to be a little shaken after you read it! I also need a Kleenex for the last chapter.


I’m happily married to the love of my life (don’t gag) and raising three beautiful children in the gorgeous state of Virginia. We live just outside Washington, D.C., and every day I wake up to find myself stuck in traffic trying to get there.

The horrid commute gives me plenty of time to zone out and think about my characters in full, brilliant details (I’m a safe driver; don’t worry). Stories give me a way to forget about the sometimes smelly strangers sitting next to me on the fifty mile trek into town (I pick up hitchhikers every day. True story. Check out www.slug-lines.com if you don’t believe me).

I’ve been a part of organized hitchhiking for nearly fifteen years, but that’s just one small aspect of my oh-so-large life. When I’m not working, commuting, or chasing after my three children (four if you count the man), you can usually find me outside talking to my chickens like they’re the cutest things in the world (they are), or training my amazing dogs how to herd said chickens (which they love), or curled up on the sofa with a good book (why can’t that be 100% of the time?).

I hope you love my stories (or just like them a little; that would be okay, too). And I hope that one day you find your passion, because there’s nothing in life better than doing what you love while surrounded by people you love.

<3 Krystal

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