01 December 2015

Review: The Mannequin by S.G. Rogers

The Mannequin
by S.G. Rogers.
Audience/Genre: Regency Romance, Clean Read.
Publication: September 3rd 2015 by Idunn Court Publishing.
Aubrey Whittingham lost everything when his family drowned in a ferryboat accident, including the will to live. His neighbor Rosamund tries desperately to bring him back from the brink of despair, but the beastly young duke fights her every step of the way. His feelings for her deepen, and when she departs for London, he vows to regain his health and woo her properly. Unfortunately, she disappears before he has the chance.

Rosamund is admired and praised as a mannequin for an exclusive London modiste, but her life is empty without the man to whom she gave her heart. Now, just when happiness seems within her grasp, jealous rivals conspire to ruin her dreams.

Can a beastly duke and a beautiful mannequin ever achieve a fairytale ending?

Reviewed by Kelly.

If you liked Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, you’ll see elements of that in this swoon worthy fairy tale.

I don’t know if I could live in this time period where females have to keep feelings to ourselves unless the man asks if you reciprocate his feelings. And your status in life means everything. You could find yourself on the streets if you don’t have the right breeding or someone who will stick up for you.

I love the name Rosamund! She is a very sweet and selfless person. Her parents died when she was little. She was left to live with her aunt and uncle who treat her like a servant and have her work even though it is beneath her station. Her cousin, Vivian, is the only one who treats her civilly. When her aunts’ family goes to London for the season, Rosamund is left to fend for herself and get a job. Her clergyman has her go to the Duchess to help her grandson. It pays very well. The Duchess realizes Rosamund’s social station is not what it should be and orders her dresses from the finest dress maker and says that her grandfather will pay for them.

When Rosamund meets Aubrey, she is shaken at his appearance. He is very thin and frail. He lost his family in a boating accident. That has haunted him ever since and he doesn’t eat or try to live. So, it is up to Rosamund to bring him back to life but secretly. No one is to know her true purpose to being there. She charms everyone in the home and tries not to burden anyone. When she starts to make Aubrey angry and cry. Rosamund is afraid she is not doing her job. But she is, and she finds Aubrey starting to live even if he is rude to her. And to his own astonishment, he finds that he may have feelings for her.

But there is another man, Joe, who has always been her best friend but also tells her he has feelings for her. Rosamund isn’t sure how she feels about that. Joe works in the stables.

Rosamund’s grandfather is a viscount and has disowned her. When the Duchess takes Rosamund to see him to ask him to support her during her season in London, he completely humiliates and states he will have nothing to do with her and then some.

So, Rosamund quickly leaves the Duchess’s home because she cares about her and doesn’t want the Duchess to worry about social propriety. She goes many places and is turned away as she is no one important. She finally goes to the woman who was making clothes for her season and tries to get her to cancel the order. But it is too late and the money she owes is huge. So, the modiste has her become her mannequin to repay her. She is so good that it takes weeks and she is done paying her back but keeps her job and is out with society because she is the mannequin and wears high society's latest fashion that all who have money covet for.

Meanwhile, the Duchess doesn’t know where she is. Aubrey doesn’t know she is not with her grandmother and is working hard to become healthy so he can join them in London. Joe and Vivian run into Rosamond and are taken back by how beautiful she is after they have primped her and dressed her up. Joe wants answers as to what is happening to her and goes to Aubrey’s home and talks to Aubrey. Together they go and find Rosamund or as she is now known as Miss Belle. They both want to marry her. Sounds like a soap opera, doesn’t it?

Anyway, there are twists and turns and I kept thinking there was no hope for Rosamund in this time period with her now lower than dirt class. But as more time passes more twists come about and it isn’t until the end that everything is revealed.

I loved the romance between Aubrey and Rosamund. It is sweet and tender. It builds slowly and quietly. Rosamund doesn’t think he cares for her at all until he mentions it before she goes to London. Then she has hope. Then as things are revealed, Rosamund thinks she has no hope of love either.

I love the relationship between Joe and Rosamund. Joe makes me laugh. Aubrey isn’t interested in society’s social statuses; he cares about people as does Rosamund. I loved the Duchess and how she sees people. I don’t like the wicked “step” family of Aubrey’s. They are lower than dirt in my eyes.

I loved the modiste and her compassion for what is happening to Aubrey and how she is business savvy.

I can’t do this book justice. It completely makes you think and feel grateful for the time period that we live in. It made me feel hope and in the end it gave me a sigh of contentment!

If you like historical fiction, romance, social status, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, horses, mannequins, modeling, clean reads, finding love and happiness and finding what family means than this book might be for you! It is one of my favorites now!

Suzanne G. Rogers, writing as S.G. Rogers. I write sweet historical romance and young adult fantasy literature.

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