10 December 2015

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The Concealed (The Lakewood Series #1)
by Sarah Kleck.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance,.
Publication: November 1st 2015.
“Can you be happy when what you desire most means your doom?”

Evelyn Lakewood, an orphan, is crushed after the death of her beloved sister Zara. But the nineteen-year old enrolls in Psychology at Oxford in honor of Zara.

There, Evelyn first becomes friends with vivacious Sally and seemingly charming Felix. But the encounter with Jared Calmburry, whose incredibly blue eyes immediately captivate her, fundamentally changes her life. She is instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger around whom unusual things happen and who simply disappears every time Evelyn tries to confront him about his puzzling behavior. After finding a mysterious book with a unique symbol on its leather cover in the university library, her curiosity is perked. She doesn’t know what to make of it but Jared’s best friend Colin Sullivan encourages her with cryptic hints to continue her search for evidence. When she discovers the same medieval symbol is worn by hostile professor Karen Mayflower and engraved on another faculty member’s seal ring, she realizes that an ancient secret surrounds Jared.

Reviewed by Kelly.

This was an amazing adventure! The characters were believable. The story was well written. I have to admit though in the beginning the details were almost too much for me, like talking about details in homework. Everything was detailed. But I got past it, found out it made the world more visible and enjoyed it very much. My only issue is that I have to wait to find out what happens next. The ending was at a crucial point.

Evelyn has worn an amulet that her mother gave her when she was young. Her mother told her it would protect her as long as she wore it. Her parents died in an accident and her police sister was murdered. She is alone. So her neighbor sends her off to Oxford to go to school there. They have her neighbor’s sister meet her there to get her settled in. Ruth, her name, becomes her friend. They meet up occasionally and Evelyn learns some interesting things from her.

At school, Evelyn befriends Sally and Felix. I was wary about Felix from the start. Sally is a good friend. But from the moment Evelyn and Jared see each other, there is a bond. Yes, it is insta- love but it somehow worked here. The lights flicker whenever they are near each other. Jared seems to find a reason to leave every time they are together. Evelyn hears that Jared likes her but she doesn’t believe it. Until he finally decides to let her know that he does. It does sound corny but when you read the book, it’s really not.

Jared is part of an Order. Jared’s friend Colin is also part of that Order as well. As well as some of the professors from school. We are talking Lady of the Lake, Merlin, and King Arthur type of Order. They all have a part to play as some like Evelyn and some do not.

Then we have several villains. They play the part quite evilly. And Morgana? She is a beautiful villain.

There is no sex. Mild language. And darn it, a cliffhanger ending!

If you like details in stories, mystery, paranormal, King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, Merlyn, history, good vs. evil, magic, cliff hanger endings, then this might be for you.

Guest Post: The Concealed Playlist...

Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde
Silbermond - Ja
TOS - Fellow Rainbow

Phillip Poisel - Liebe meines Lebens
Silbermond - Krieger des Lichts
Florence and the Machine - All This and Heaven Too
London Grammar - Strong

2 Cellos - With or Without You
Coldplay - Life in Technicolor
Anna Nalick - Catalyst
Clueso - Barfuss
Yiruma - River Flows in You
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping up to Boston

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Sarah Kleck, born in 1984, studied Education, Psychology and Sociology at the University of Augsburg.
Currently, she’s working as a human resources officer and lives with her husband and a newborn in Germany near Lake Constance.
“The Concealed” is her first novel

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  1. Great review, Kelly! This sounds like a fun read and realistic (in terms of the world building etc), too!

  2. The Concealed sounds great ♡ Looking forward to starting this series. Thank you

  3. Nice setting - Oxford is just the place you'd expect to find a secret society.

  4. This sounds like an exciting read. Thanks for the detailed review. :)

  5. This looks really interesting :) thanks!
    (Ana M on Rafflecopter)