24 November 2015

A Heartwarming Thanksgiving Tour & Giveaway: Wedding of His Dreams by Cari Lynn Webb

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Some things don’t mix: champagne and pizza. Major holidays and once in a life-time, dream weddings. An uptight PhD Maid of Honor and a world weary, laid-back Best Man. But Ruthie Cain’s twin sister never received that memo. Rebecca (Becca) Cain has joined her bachelor and bachelorette parties with an afternoon at the dog park in San Francisco. The rehearsal dinner and Cain family reunion are scheduled for Thanksgiving Day in Lake Tahoe. And the guest list for the Saturday sunset wedding in the mountains overlooking the lake includes pets.

If only Ruthie was simply on the guest list. But her maid of honor duties have expanded to include more than holding the bouquet during the vows. Thanks to her psychology background, she's been elected to rein in Becca's bridezilla tendencies. Her fear of flying has made her chauffeur to not one, but two Great Danes. And she needs to find someone who can cook enough turkeys to feed a wedding party that keeps expanding by the hour.

Now if only she can persuade the best man, Matthew Wright, that his responsibilities include more than looking good in a tux, she might discover that sometimes the wrong things should mix.

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Matt squatted down and rubbed the golden coat of Lady, Steve and Becca's eight-month old Great Dane rescue puppy. But his focus remained on Ruthie as she circled around the tables toward him. He took in everything from her thick, loose braid that hung over her left shoulder to her scarf wilted against her belted jacket to her ease with the pony-sized dog that easily outweighed her by a good twenty-some pounds.
Duke thrust his black and white head in Matt’s face. He caught the dog’s drool with his hands before the dog dampened his t-shirt, wiped his wet palms on his jeans and stood. “Ruthie, you look exhausted.”
“I’ve been awake for over twenty-four hours thanks to flight delays.” She toasted him with her shot cup. “Becca made energy drinks so I’ll be fine.”
She’d be fine when her head dropped against a pillow and a down comforter covered her. She’d be fine when she closed her eyes for twenty-four hours straight. She’d be fine when she let someone take care of her. “Everyone would understand if you wanted to head back to Becca’s. You don’t need to stay here.”
“It’s Becca’s special week.” She fussed with Duke’s collar and avoided looking at him. “It’s about my sister, not me.”
It had been about Ruthie earlier in the year. She’d had her own special week planned like Becca. Except Ruthie had gotten engaged to the poorest example of a groom there ever was. Matt knew. He'd used his connections at the bureau to research Justin Samuel Cook, long time San Francisco resident and day trader, who’d traded his morals for money and Ruthie for another woman on their wedding day. “I can take you back.” I can take care of you.
She glanced at his motorcycle and then at him. “On your motorcycle?”
Her tone hinted at her dismay, but something like interest flashed in her pale blue eyes. He’d gotten her full attention. Finally. “Best way to experience the city is on the back of a bike.”
It was also the best way to discover why he was compelled to bring laughter into Ruthie's life. In high school he'd been content with her scowls and glares and occasional shy smiles. He'd known even than that Ruthie was special and he hadn't been quite good enough for her. Yet he’d always believed he had time to win Ruthie one day when he was better. When he was ready. But then she'd almost married another man.
He wasn't standing by and watching that happen again. Not without first finding out if Ruthie felt the same connection he did.

Cari Lynn Webb lives in Alabama with her family. If she isn’t at her computer, she can usually be found: picking up her daughters from school, dropping off at swimming or soccer practice or running into the grocery store for that one thing she forgot on her shopping list. She loves escaping into a romance and her e-reader can usually be found in her passenger seat. Visit her at: www.carilynnwebb.com

The Matchmaker Wore Skates, will release in February 2016 as the second story in the anthology, Make Me A Match.


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  1. Congratulations for the release of your short story, Cari!

    I look forward to reading it, and what a great way to introduce you to Heartwarming readers in anticipation of your February release.

    Happy reading everyone!

  2. I'm thrilled to be there today. Thanks, Kelly! And thanks for all your support of the Heartwarming authors - they are a terrific group of women.

  3. Readers--don't miss Cari's short story. And check out all the other Heartwarming Thanksgiving stories too. A great way to get in the spirit of the holiday season.

  4. If you think the excerpt is good, just wait till you read the whole story! So much fun. I laughed and smiled and felt a little sorry for Becca at times. And I couldn't wait for these two to figure out they were meant to be together!

  5. p.s. This site is so darn cute! I love the graphics and the fonts and the side bar...

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