08 October 2015

Release Week Blitz & Giveaway: A Rebel in Jericho (The Jericho Resistance) by Mimi Milan

A Rebel in Jericho (The Jericho Resistance)
by Mimi Milan.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Suspense, Romance, Clean Read.
Publication: October 4th 2015 by Eaton House.
After years of preparing for marriage, Catalina Santé is interested in little more than making a good match. And why not? She's young, beautiful, educated... everything a wealthy man should want. However, a tragic accident will leave her with less than a marriage proposal - she's fighting for her very life!

Matthew Martin spends most of his time just trying to fit into American society. It's one of the reasons he became a deputy. Willing to risk it all in order to protect Catalina, he can't imagine what that entails... until she's abducted and sold to a Mexican saloon, where a border battle rages between two towns.

Can love and faith survive in such a harsh place? Will Matthew even be able to save Catalina?

*Please note:

This book is the first of several in the historical suspense series, The Jericho Resistance, which attempts to fight modern day slavery. Twenty percent of all proceeds from this book will be used for such purpose. The end goal is to donate 100% of all earnings from the last book to fight human trafficking. Your support for this cause is greatly appreciated. Thank you for caring!

Subjects: Historical, suspense, inspirational, Christian, clean read, multicultural, ethnic, Mexico, Mexican American, Texas, border, WWI, thriller, action, romance.

See what other readers are saying about A REBEL IN JERICHO:

“Romance, intrigue and danger! It’s an exciting adventure as the reader joins Catalina on her perilous journey through the underbelly of Mexico’s dark side.” – Patricia Highton

“A delightful blend of drama, romance, and self-discovery.” – Tiffany Matus

Catalina gasped as a hand tightened around her arm and pulled her back. She looked up at the stranger who interrupted her moment of tranquility. His face looked worn and dangerous – or maybe it was just the ugly, jagged scar that ran down his left cheek.

Whatever the reason, his neatly combed blonde hair and fashionably tailored suit did little to ease Catalina.

“It’d be a real pity to lose such a pretty little gal to the great Mississippi. Don’t you think?” There was something sinister in his proud Southern drawl. His hand stayed on her arm, his thumb caressing her soft flesh.

Catalina grimaced as she pulled herself free. “Thank you for your concern, sir.” Her voice offered a token of gratitude, but surely her face belied the aversion she felt for the stranger.
An unpleasant smirk touched the man’s lips – his tongue flicking out to moisten them. The small act left Catalina feeling as though she were improperly dressed. She wrapped her arms around herself.
Distracted by something behind her, the man simply nodded. “My pleasure, Miss.” He briefly touched his hat. Then he turned, a brisk walk in his heel.
“Who was that?”
Startled, Catalina turned back around. Thankful to see it was Matthew, Catalina gave him a genuine smile. “Oh, it’s you.”
Matthew raised a quizzical brow. “Of course, it’s me. Were you expecting someone else?”
“No, no. It’s just...”
Catalina angled over a shoulder, but the stranger was already gone. She shook her head.
“Nothing. I’m just a little spooked about crossing this river.” Catalina dismissed the disturbing stranger as simply one of those eccentric sorts that – having obviously come from money –thought he was entitled to letch over women. “I’m fine. Really.”
“Well, don’t worry. It’ll be over in about fifteen minutes.”
“Really? I would have thought it takes a lot longer to cross such a large river.”
“Not this particular area we’re crossing.” Matthew pointed across the river to the landing dock in the horizon. “The boat will pull in right about there.”
Catalina bit her lip while she digested that bit of information. The dock looked welcoming, and they would be halfway to their destination once they reached it. What would that would mean for Matthew? What would he do once he got to Mexico? Would he stick around? After all, he was from there.
It would be nice to have a familiar face around.
Why would he, though? After the way she had behaved, he would probably just drop her off at her grandfather’s ranch and be on his way. Besides, it wasn’t like she really wanted him around. Right?

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Mimi Milan spent two decades scribbling away in notebooks before realizing that her life’s calling was to write. So she returned from Mexico and attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film. She currently resides in the suburbs of Charlotte, making time for God, family and imaginary friends.

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