09 October 2015

Her Secret Protector (Secrets of Cherry Lake #3) by Roxanne Snopek

Her Secret Protector (Secrets of Cherry Lake #3)
by Roxanne Snopek.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance.
Publication: September 7th 2015 by Tule Publishing.
Cherry Lake’s official photographer has a problem. The boudoir photos Carrie Logan used to do, long ago and far away, have come back to haunt her. So she turns to Ethan Nash, the mysteriously gorgeous guy with big dogs and a bad attitude, for help containing this secret and the scandal it will cause.

Ethan takes one look at the photo of young Carrie and his harsh cyber-security specialist exterior begins to melt. For some reason, he feels the need to help this beautiful photographer. He’s pretty sure she’s stuck– once something’s on the internet, it’s there forever- but he offers her his assistance anyway. There's something about her he finds irresistible...

What Ethan doesn't realize is that he might need Carrie's help far more than she needs his... Will she prove to be the one he needs?

Reviewed by Kelly

Living in a small town makes it hard to keep secrets. Everyone knows everyone and people like to gossip. Carrie is now back home after some college. She is the town photographer but she once took boudoir pictures. Some of her clients were women who were about to have a mastectomy. Some were women who were abused. And one of those pictures is of her. When someone hacks into her computer, her secret is out. She no longer is considered well enough for the town.

She tried to shut it down and recover it before it spread. She asked Ethan to help her. He knew it was a long shot but he needed to help her somehow. He needed help too. He was a sort of recluse in town. He has lived there for 4 years and knew almost no one. People liked to talk about him too. They were gossips and didn’t really know him. So they help each other.

I love small town stories although this one had more gossip than I care to see. “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you do” is my motto! And people judged here. I wanted to run away for both of them.

The story is about both of them and helping them to heal and find love and to heal a town too!And of course, finding some romance too!

I love this quote! I have so many law enforcement in my family.

The officer busied herself for several minutes making notes, talking into her radio in whatever code law inforcement officers always used to befuddle the normal folk.

Before she was a novelist, Roxanne was an aerobics instructor (fired for insufficient coordination), a cosmetics salesperson (lacked that go-for-the-throat sales attitude), a dog-trainer (they all died*), a tax consultant with H&R Block (yeah, that was before Quicken and TurboTax), taught dog and cat breed names (she's a font of useless information) and most recently, wrote content for an interactive romance/mystery video game (still can't master Windows 8.)

Now she explores all kinds of careers from the safety of her desk, through her characters. It's better for everyone that way.

*It was 15 years ago, people! It's not like they died because of her!

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