05 August 2015

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Silverwood (Silverwood #1) by Betsy Streeter

Silverwood (Silverwood #1)
by Betsy Streeter.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction.
Publication: March 15th 2015 by Light Messages Publishing.
A story of finding where you belong, even if it involves time travel, shape shifting, and hacking.

Helen Silverwood, fourteen, is sick of life on the run with her mom and her younger brother. Nothing makes sense. She doesn’t understand why she has recurring dreams of shape-shifting creatures, why her mother is always disappearing, and how her brother can draw things that haven’t happened yet. Most of all, Helen longs to know what happened to her dad—is he imprisoned, a fugitive, or gone forever?

When someone blows up the apartment where Helen lives, the stories of the ancient Silverwood clan—and her role in it—begin to unravel. All Helen wants is to feel like there’s someplace she belongs—but getting there will prove very, very complicated.

Guest Post Short Quotes....

"We Tromindox are shape shifters and mimics, like an octopus."

"I have my theories. Theory one: She’s a bodyguard for some mob boss or musician and they tour around and we have to follow. Theory two, which is better: She’s a repo-woman. You know, a person who goes out and takes people’s cars back when they haven’t paid for them and if they fight she kicks their butts and takes the car anyway. Whatever she does, it involves combat skills I’m pretty sure."
- Helen Silverwood, 14, about her mom, Kate

"She yanks the steering wheel again, this time to the left, sending the heavy station wagon into a spin and throwing out another plume of dust and rocks. The car comes to a rest facing their pursuer head-on.
That's the moment that they hear the snapping sound. "

“Yeah Rose, did your husband pay you a visit?” Ted asks. “Did you stop knitting for a little while? That’s when he comes back from the dead, isn’t it? When you stop knitting?”
Rose shoots them a look. “As you can both see, my knitting continues unabated.”
“Well, good,” says Earl. “Because I don't want ol' zombie Don coming around. You keep knitting, Rose, don’t stop. Keep that fellow in his grave, where he belongs.”
- Conversation at the Brokeneck Diner

- Henry Silverwood, 9

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Betsy Streeter grew up on a steady diet of Star Trek, The Muppet Show, Atari, and musical rehearsals in her family's living room. Her habits of making up stories and drawing and painting on everything within reach eventually led to degrees in art and communication from Stanford University. She has worked in film and video production, design, and video games, and has served as president of a community theatre. She and her family are voracious consumers of books, music, movies, art, action figures, and musical instruments, resulting in inadequate storage space. Betsy has published single-panel cartoons, comics, art, and short fiction in paper, digital, graffiti, and tattoo form. She lives in Northern California with her husband, son, daughter, two peculiar and disruptive cats, and a mellow but hungry tarantula.

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