22 July 2015

Blog Tour: Unclaimed Regrets by Stacy M. Wray

Unclaimed Regrets
by Stacy M. Wray.
Audience/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance.
Publication: March 2, 2015.
I’m in limbo. If you look close, you’ll see that I’m basically going through the motions. If you look even closer, you’ll see that I’m empty and frustrated as hell with my life.
And then it arrives. That four by six card that tells me ten years have gone by when I wasn’t paying attention. I’m paying attention now.
Pulling my dusty box of memories from the closet shelf, my index finger slowly sifts through the keepsakes that represent the aura of Trey Masterson. The boy who moved from Missouri to Vermont and swept me off my feet the first day of our sophomore year. The boy who I never thought I’d have a chance with but he only had eyes for me. The boy I fell in love with and never stopped.
When we see each other again at our high school reunion, every feeling I ever had for him bleeds from my heart and leaks into every cell of my existence, and I finally feel like I can breathe for the first time in years. I don’t quite get the same reaction from him. In fact, his reaction is downright…cold?
Never knowing the reason of our undoing after I went away to college, I just want some closure. But we can’t seem to carry on a conversation without sparking a slew of emotions - each word igniting all the hurt that’s been buried for ten years.
During the week of our stay in our small town in Vermont, we keep crossing paths but jealousy, bitterness and tragedy threaten to hinder any hopes of possibly rekindling the passion we once shared.

This is a love story that is told through Adelyn Winters’ and Trey Masterson’s POV and reflects the time they met in high school to the present day.

***This book contains language and sexual content****

Reviewed by Kelly.

This is a second chance story. It is bitter and sweet. I wouldn’t want the agony that both of them seemed to suffer for 10 years. The story is told in both POV’s with one other person’s POV for one chapter.

I have to say that when I read this book I thought about this skit I saw on Studio C. It’s below. It’s humorous because it isn’t what it appears to be. This story had so many of those. But their lives weren’t funny but full of being caught in a moment of 'it isn’t what it appears' but 'I am not going to ask you what it was' because I am going to go with what I saw, that is hurt enough. Because no one wants to ask what it really is because the truth may hurt even more than it does right now. Know what I mean?? Not a great start in a relationship!

Ten years ago Adelyn left for College hours away from home. Her high school sweetheart was supposed to work with her to make it work while she was away. But something happened and one left with bitter feelings without finding if this is really what happened. When the other called over and over wondering why the call wasn’t accepted that person had hurt feelings. A vicious cycle. Now, it is the ten year anniversary for high school. Adelyn decides to go and maybe get some closure.

When she goes Trey is just a jerk to her. Yet at the same time his mind is happy to see her. They are both bitter and sweet. This is the revolving door theme with them for most of the book. They would finally talk to resolve that problem and another problem of I saw or heard that so it must be true. Sometimes I just wanted to strangle them both.

Oddly enough though, I really liked the book and how they eventually got their stuff together. I loved their families. I loved the love they truly had for each other despite their stupidity.

I didn’t like Amanda. She is the mean popular girl from high school that still gets in the way between them. Ugh!

So, if you like the drama of he said she said or saw type stories, lakes, snowflakes, babies, awful exes, surprises, and stories of second chances than this might be for you!

Stacy Wray has always enjoyed writing growing up and wrote for her high school newspaper. It wasn’t until recently when her husband challenged her to write a book that she decided to give it a go, writing “The Girl from the Kitchen Store” in September 2014. Her second book “Unclaimed Regrets” was released in March 2015. With her two children full grown, she spends extra time reading, re-modeling her home room-by-room, and hanging with family. She works in the family business in accounting in Kokomo, Indiana and is currently working on her third book “Finding Karma.”

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