09 April 2015

Release Day Launch & Giveaway: Set in Stone by Rachel Robinson

Set in Stone
by Rachel Robinson.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Military.
Publication: April 9th 2015.
There is something all too vague about second chances. What happens when your utterly perfect, first chance never really ends? What if it’s stolen?

Bull-nosed attorney Morganna Sterns knows what she wants. Self assured, powerful, and independent, she finds herself struggling to find balance between honoring what has been stolen, and deciding if her second chance is going to end just as tragically.

Steven Warner is a Navy SEAL with nothing to lose. His overt humor and charm paired with his lethal skill set make him a perfect catch--for the right type of woman. His world is littered with relationships, but only one stands the test of time. Competing with a ghost is hard. Especially when that ghost is a teammate: his brother at arms.

It’s not, “it is what it is.” It’s what you make it. What you, and only you decide it should be. Navy SEALs never make the same mistake twice.

Will Morganna?

*Due to sexual content and graphic language this book is intended for readers 18+*

“I’m going to take exactly what I want from you right now. It doesn’t change anything.” I shake my head to drive the point home. “And tomorrow will be the same as any other day before this.” He smiles with his eyes and reaches up to turn his baseball cap backwards. I’d think he was a trying to be a college-aged crony if I didn’t know what the tattered hat meant to him.

“Your move, darlin’,” he says, folding his arms behind his back, like a child being told not to touch the glass figurines.

Running my fingers up his slick arms, I watch my hands glide over corded muscles that are still hot from his boxing workout. When I meet his eyes, there’s an anticipation there I’ve never seen before. He waggles his brows. I laugh, but it does nothing to kill the desire coursing through my veins. I slide my fingers under his shirt and drag my nails across his rippling abs. I feel him blow out a breath and I smile, but only to myself. These muscles, this stomach and chest and arms, aren’t like Alex’s. The similarities give me pause. Laying my forehead into his thick chest, I sigh.

“You’re him.”

“I’m not him.”

“But you could be.”

“Just pretend I’m not. Play pretend.” As expected, he’s given me exactly what I need to get through this moment. I look up at him and I see…Steven. His humor that blazes through his smile. His life. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I place my lips on his and kiss that man like I’ve dreamed about for years. I feel his hands on my lower back pulling me in and up for a better angle. I open my mouth and breathe his scent in to memorize it. He tastes exactly like I imagined he would. Mint flavored gum and man. Sweat mingles with the leftover cologne on his shirt and I pull his wet body tighter against me, hoping I smell like he does when I pull away.

He takes off his hat and drops it to the floor by his feet, and cradles my head, my face in between his hands. He kisses me with his eyes slightly open. I like it. It turns me on even more to know that he wants to see me kiss, so I keep mine open to watch him. Steven drags his fingertips down the sides of my neck and I can’t help it, a moan escapes. I feel his smile against my mouth. He’s mighty full of himself right now. His mouth slides against mine, slowly and then more frantically. It’s then that I know I need to end our fevered hunger before it goes any further.

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Rachel Robinson grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.

Crazy Good, her contemporary romance novel, is an International Amazon bestseller.

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