16 April 2015

Collide (Shock Me Series #3) by Ashley C. Harris

Collide (Shock Me Series #3) by Ashley C. Harris.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance.
Publication: April 14th 2015 by Smashwords Edition.
All the rules are about to change...

Donna has managed to live hidden amongst the enemy, keeping her shocking abilities secret with the help of her friends. But now something has come into her town, it’s been lurking outside of her school, and has its eye on hurting everyone, both the good and the bad, and the first one who will be its target is Donna.

Ryan still has no idea who or what Donna really is. His ex-best friend and first crush has transformed into the girl who has been secretly working against him. He believes keeping their lives apart will keep her the most safe, but trouble is about to make every one of their biggest fears, stolen memories, and hidden desires collide.

Will everyone, both friends and foes, crumble together as nothing but mere humans? Or will finally the truth come and save them with a deadly price as new alliances are made and buried feelings are brought to the surface

Reviewed by Kelly

The Shock Me series is getting better and better with each installment. Collide just has more action and I loved every minute of it! A definite 5 stars!

From the moment I started Collide it had me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to see what would happen after the last cliffhanger and I wasn’t disappointed because it started off right there. But, the bad thing; another major cliffhanger! I kept looking thinking surely she didn’t just leave me there hanging on?!?!?! Yes, Ms. Harris did.

Donna just wants to protect those she cares for. She wants to stay hidden, no one can find out what she can do. She didn’t know what to think about this new guy being her brother. He just couldn’t be. He looked the same as he did when he left. How could that be?

Donna wants to keep Rebecca and Spencer safe. She also doesn’t know what to do with Ryan and his sudden attention on her! But things don’t go right at all and everyone is in danger, including Donna as she tries to keep her new electric self from being found out. And as time goes, there are more and more reasons to suspect her as being the Electrolyte everyone is after.

I feel so bad for Donna, she can't tell anyone about herself. Rebecca knows and Donna doesn't want her to spend too much time with her so no suspicion will go to her. She knows things she shouldn't and the new characters shown in this book now cause a major turn in events and the power others hold and what happens after the Bio soldiers are freed reeks havoc everywhere.

I get to see more of all the characters as we get to see everyone’s POV here often. I find myself liking Randy now. I don’t like his father at all and see that Randy does have a heart after all. Ryan, I feel a little bad for him too but he better step up or he will not be on the Team Ryan list anymore! Rebecca also plays a bigger role and her life is also on the spotlight and in real danger!

I can’t tell you much of anything because everything would be a spoiler. Just know it is full of action, betrayal, twists and turns, and you will love every minute of it!

If you like Young Adult, paranormal or are a X-Men fan, a hint of romance, action, betrayal, constant danger, twists, and more mystery in each chapter than the one before then this is for you!

Thanks to Barclay Publicity for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review cuz I honestly loved it!

Now, if I can only hang on till the next book comes out!

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Author and film director Ashley C. Harris resides in Florida. Ashley was first recognized for her edgy writing and unique film work when she wrote and directed the teenage film Lines. Lines was the first feature film in the world captured using only Mac Laptops..

In 2013 Ashley teamed up with Barclay Publicity to release the first title in a new young adult series Shock Me. Ashley then went on to release the first of a new NA series, One Night In Heated Snapshots, that quickly reached Amazon's Best Selling top ten list for sports romances. It has remained a top ten bestseller ever since.

When she is not dreaming up new books and working on film sets, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. Keep a close watch for Ashley's newest young adult books releases!

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