21 April 2015

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Bound by Blood by Scott Springer

Bound by Blood by Scott Springer.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Romantic Suspense.
Publication: September 23rd 2014 by Anaiah Press.
Julia has accepted the Lord and is busy returning her life to order. She is not ready for love, especially when the new site foreman at work stirs up forgotten feelings. She knows a playboy when she sees one, but to Rick Mercado the attraction between them is surprisingly real. Other girls no longer interest him, and if she wants to play hard to get that's fine with him. Let the games begin!

What he doesn't realize is that her dangerous secret is not a game.

Julia's brother has returned from the street, strung out and in trouble with rival gangs. Loyalty to her brother draws Julia deeper into a world of drug deals and thugs. Rick doesn't understand why Julia won't simply go to the cops, especially once the bullets start flying. As Julia slips further into a world of violence, Rick realizes how easily his heart can be broken. His brain says to run, but his heart isn't listening. It may already be too late.

BOUND BY BLOOD. Love and suspense, heartfelt moments and guns a blazing.

What a killer combination!

She wished he hadn’t brought that up again. She pushed her back against the side of the doorway and strengthened her resolve for independence. “Sure, Rick. Thanks for stopping by.”
Still in the doorway, she instinctively reached up and placed her fingertips on Rick’s bicep as he brushed by her on his way out. She was taken aback by how solid he felt. His closeness made her nerves hum.
Her words shot out quickly. “Sorry we got off on the wrong foot.” Her eyes searched his, holding his gaze for only an instant, but it was a moment she might relive over and over because of the intensity, the spontaneity, and because of how it made her feel more alive than she had ever felt before.
She could hold the gaze no longer than she could hold a burning match.
Rick visibly caught his breath and Julia dropped her hand from his arm and stepped back. Her senses were alive and when he turned to her, she held her hands at waist height with palms down. He took them in his own and her stomach rose into her chest like a helium filled balloon. She dared not look at him while she felt this way. A cold shiver made her nerves tingle. She needed to pull away, but her body stood motionless. She wasn’t breathing and began to feel lightheaded, but then the front door opened and broke the moment. Rick let go of Julia’s hands and she turned to face where the man stood backlit in the doorframe. He was lean and had a gym bag slung over one shoulder.
The man closed the door behind him, cutting out the sunlight and the features of his face emerged. Kirk had returned. Julia looked up to Rick, her eyes beseeching him for what? She didn’t even know. Understanding? Sympathy? Or help?

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Scott Springer spent his youth playing pretend and dreaming of being a writer. As an adult he worked as a carpenter before becoming a software developer. Having produced much, his two children remain his proudest accomplishment. His wife led him to the Lord, and he’s glad that she did.

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