26 March 2015

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Part Time Cowboy (Copper Ridge #1) by Maisey Yates

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Part Time Cowboy (Copper Ridge #1)
by Maisey Yates.
Audience/Genre: Contemporary, Romance.
Publication: March 31st 2015 by HQN Books.
A one-time bad girl comes home to small-town Oregon in the first in a sexy, heartfelt new series from USA TODAY bestselling author Maisey Yates…

Sadie Miller isn't expecting any welcome-home parades on her return to Copper Ridge. Least of all from part-time rancher, full-time lawman Eli Garrett. The straight-laced, impossibly hot deputy sheriff glares at her like she's the same teenage hoodlum who fled town ten years ago. But running from her demons has brought Sadie full circle, ready to make a commitment at last. Not to a man, but to a B and B. On Garrett land. Okay, so her plan has a tiny flaw…

Eli works too hard to let a blonde ball of trouble mess up his town. But keeping an eye on Sadie makes it tough to keep his hands off her. And if she's so wrong for him, why does being with her feel so right?

Reviewed by Kelly.

Eli and Sadie have both had rough and sad lives. One runs from her troubles and the other stays put making order and protecting others from troubles. They both are polar opposites and are constantly butting heads and annoying each other. But they are also drawn to each other and they combust when they are put together.

I am not a fan of casual sex stories where they just hook up. I want to see the romance build. I want to see there to be a real connection. I almost put it down but kept going. If I had known the book had more than a fair share of sex, I probably wouldn’t have read it though.

See Eli and Sadie had an awkward moment when they were arguing, as they always do, and he kissed her. That woke both up to a ‘what the heck’ moment! Then the next thing you know is they agree to casual sex with no strings attached and keep it secret. Because Eli has always only had casual sex, he doesn’t do relationships. He can’t, it would mean he would have to care and think about someone else and his job is to protect his family and keep order. He is good at what he does. He was running for sheriff. The town also looked up to the Garrett’s. His dad was a drunk after his mom left them. So he became the caretaker of Kate, his sister, and Connor his older brother. Connor took care of the ranch. Eli would put braids in Kate’s hair before school. They didn’t want people to know about their father, that he couldn’t take care of him. Eli would hide his father’s keys every night because he would worry about him being a drunk driver and one night Eli decided to do something with his friends and that one night, his father died in a drunken driving accident. Eli couldn’t forgive himself and has sworn off relationships and doing things for himself because, heaven forbid you have a life of your own! Poor Eli, I felt so sad for him.

Sadie isn’t much better with her lot in life. The night that Eli arrested Sadie as a teenager was the worst night of her life. Her dad had beaten her so badly that she ended up in the hospital. Sadie left and never turned back and has kept running since, never looking back and has repeated it over and over, until she returns home after becoming a therapist and decides to run a B and B in her hometown for 5 years. The B & B that just happens to be on the Garrett’s ranch. Conner leased it to her. He didn’t consult Eli and Eli didn’t like it at all. It contradicted with his order at home.

Sadie is so funny. I love her inner monologue and her constant innuendos that Eli would say. Eli had dried up inside and hadn't gotten what he said, until he did because Sadie made him a little happier. She is also caring. Eli was a little dry but everyone respected him. He is the part time cowboy and full time lawman. Connor is a mess, still grieving terribly after he lost his wife several years ago. He drinks a little too much and is always grumpy but he takes great care of the ranch. Kate is the little sister who remembers Eli always braiding her hair so she would look like she was cared for growing up. She likes the rodeo and wants to go professional someday. Connor’s story is next.

So back to the sex thing. I want to see things build up. I just think it puts sex to a meaningless thing. I mean after all they didn’t even like each other. Sorry, it is the way I think. Anyway, in this book sex was what it took to put the two together. It broke down their walls. During the sex, the author described their feelings and their conversations and it bonded them together. They got each other. And I fell in love with them too, I have to admit. I also have to admit the sex scenes were intense.

“…And before she could police herself, she’d reached out and grabbed his tie, her dirt-encrusted hands sliding over the fabric, leaving a pale dust streak and tugging his face down closer to hers. Her heart was pounding so hard it was making her light-headed. Her blood pumped to parts…more southerly. She had no idea what was happening to her. This was no sexual attraction as she knew it. It wasn’t anything as she knew it. She was angrier than she’d been in recent memory, and a hell of a lot more turned on, and she genuinely didn’t know how to process the two together. She also didn’t know how to process that she was inches from his face, his tie clutched tight in her hand, as his dark eyes blazed rage into hers. Rage and something else. Something hotter. Something that looked a lot like the fire burning in her belly felt. And then… and then he dipped his head, his lips crashing into hers. And that’s what it was. A collision. It wasn’t testing, or a tasting, or anything tentative at all. It wasn’t nice, or fun, or easy. It was gasoline on a lit match. An instant conflagration that had gone from spark to out of control at the moment of contact. She had no idea what was happening, only that she didn’t want it to stop. She tugged tighter on his tie and angled her head, parting his lips beneath hers ….”

The setting of the story takes place in Oregon, near the beach. Ugh, I could see it all from her description and I want to live there on a ranch, with woods, and a beach. The best of everything. The small town where everyone knows everybody. Where people were there for you. Where the Deputy did his job and people respected him. They had a great town committee. They had fishermen, ranchers, and a lot of other jobs. Like everyone just fit right in.

I see more than the sex in the book and I probably could have done without so much of it and still would have loved it. But I see how each time they were together; it opened an old wound and healed it completely. Because Eli and Sadie were covered in them.

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USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon. She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit.

In 2009, at the age of twenty-three Maisey sold her first book. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of sexy alpha males and happily ever afters, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Maisey divides her writing time between dark, passionate category romances set just about everywhere on earth and light sexy contemporary romances set practically in her back yard. She believes that she clearly has the best job in the world.

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  1. Great review, Kelly! This sounds like a great read and I like how realistic the settings seems to be! Like coming to life! I'm watching a show now where they have a house where the beach is pretty much in their backyard and OMG what a dream place!!

    1. I would love to live somewhere like that!!

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