24 March 2015

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Only for Her (Only #2) by Cristin Harber

Only for Her (Only #2)
by Cristin Harber.
Audience/Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance.
Publication: March 17th 2015 by Mill Creek Press.
The second installment in the Only series. Must read book one first!!

First loves never die but Grayson Ford comes close. Bleeding out in a war zone, he barters with God. Bring him back alive, and he'll make it right with his girl.

All I want is Emma. I need her, and I fight for her memory. A story. A smile. Anything. But it's all blank .

Emma is not his girl anymore. Time has skipped by and life's been hard. She strips to pay the bills, waitresses to fill the hours between classes and her third job. All while working to be the best mama she can be to the little girl who will never know her daddy. Even though Grayson abandoned her, she mourned his death. Until he calls, and everything she knew was wrong.

It's him. The him that ruined my life. That made my life. That confused my mind to the point that I can't figure out if I've been destroyed or set free. The him that... is... dead.

He's back with one objective--Emma Kingsley--and she never sees it coming.

Only for Her, Only #2
The novella series will release in its entirety this spring

Reviewed by Kelly.

I don’t know what it is about this series that grabbed me from the beginning and has kept me glued for the entire ride. But whatever it is, I like it and I want more!

Can I just say that I love this series or serial or whatever you want to call it. I am in love with Emma and Grayson. We start out several years and a lot of life experiences later. Grayson has been injured and discharged from the Army. Emma is what has kept him going all this time. But Grayson failed to keep Emma in his life while in the Military.

Emma is moving on the best she can. She is working hard at school and with 2 jobs and a daughter to care for as well. She doesn’t make time for herself. Emma is still in love with Grayson even though she wants to hate him. . He just up and left him at a very crucial time in her life. She loves their little girl to pieces and has a loving family to help her, even though she wants to be independent and not take help from her family. She is all grown up and not the young na├»ve and innocent girl she was in high school anymore.

Everyone had thought Grayson dead. So when Emma finds out he is still alive, by a phone call from him, Emma goes all angry on him. He left her and his own daughter.

Emma has this saying that I love- “Shit, shoot, shit”. I like it when I read characters with idiosyncrasies. It gives me a deeper insight to them and makes me like them all the more.

Grayson is broken. He was broken before he left for the Military and is more broken after his experience in War both physically and emotionally. But he wants and needs Emma and he tells her over and over that he is going to fix “us”.

Just when you think that everything will be okay. Bam, another cliff hanger! I both loved and hated the ending. I loved it because of what was about to happen and I hated it because now I have to wait for the next installment!

The only things I didn’t like was that when they fell asleep together, they woke up and started making out. Red flag; cue- no bad breath?? The other thing I didn’t like was that before they were about to have sex she says she is on the pill. Why? She said she hadn’t been with anyone else, and that she didn’t have time for anyone else, so why was she on the pill? Just sayin…..

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Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon's Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller.

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