02 January 2015

Book Blitz & Review: Kismet by A.E. Woodward

by A.E. Woodward.
Audience/Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Publication: February 9, 2014.
Katie’s world came crashing down in an instant.

Her husband, daughter, and unborn baby. . . all gone in a flash. The life that she’d come to know, gone before she ever really got to live it.

With a broken heart, she deals the only way she knows how, by shutting it all off. No communicating, no feelings, just pure nothingness.

Alone with nothing but her own thoughts and a well meaning family, she moves back to her childhood home, a horse farm. It’s there that she finds herself healing along with the horses her family rehabilitates. But when Parker McKenzie comes back into her life she’s reminded of all that went wrong, and all that she lost.

Will Katie ever begin to heal? Or will her secrets and loss be too much for her to overcome?

Perhaps, this is her kismet.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Be prepared with Kleenex if you read this book. I had to stop many times and wait to clear my eyes of tears before reading on. I hate this author right now because she put me through the ringer with this book and its’ ending and yes I still gave it 5 stars because she put me through the ringer. The emotional rollercoaster was hard to hang onto. It had so many ups and downs and just when you think things are going to be ok, well we start to go downhill on the rollercoaster and it just hurts! I sit here trying to write my feelings in words and I just can’t.

Katie has just lost her husband, her daughter and her unborn child in a car accident. Katie had run away from her home from Parker and her feelings. She found her husband and married him and had a family and tried to move on with her life. But still part of her remained at home with Parker. As a child, a friend of hers died and she went mute for awhile. But her brother Tommy and his best friend Parker were always there for her and helped her. Parker was her love and she left because she thought he didn’t really love her.

But now, Katie is home and is mute again. She feels guilt and lonely and wants to be left alone. But she has a loving family, a wonderful Doctor, her brother Tommy and the love of her life Parker there for her and none of them will give up on her.
As she starts to heal, Parker and her learn more about each other and move closer. But there are always obstacles to overcome.

I can’t really tell you anymore without giving away anything and going into a fit of crying myself. So, all I can say is this book is epic and I still hate the author!

“I brought you something,” he says, pushing himself back with his legs, allowing himself room to dig into his jean pocket. After a moment he pulls out what appears to be a black string and dangles it between his thumb and forefinger. Three silver squares catch the remaining sunlight and I suck in a hasty breath, snatching it from him. Cradling it in my hands I look down at that all too familiar bracelet.

I revel in amazement. I completely forgot about this bracelet—the one that Parker gave me when I was six, during the first time episode of anxiety and mutism. I’d just started school and had completely shut down. He gave it to me in the hope that it would give me the strength I needed. He even took the time to pick out the sterling silver squares with the letters K, T and P on them.

“I thought maybe if you knew that Tommy and I were always with you then you might feel a little stronger and you might start talking again,” he says as he ties the string around my wrist.
I smile as he fumbles with the strings. “Dad made me change a lot of oil so that I could buy this for you, Katie. I hope you like it.”
I want to tell him I love it but I can’t muster the strength, even though he’s tried to give me all he can. Instead, I thank him the only way I know how. Once he’s finished tying it, I throw my arms around him and hold on tight.
I vowed that day to never let him go. But I had, and my world went to shit because of it. He takes the bracelet from my hand and ties it around my wrist while I stare at him, completely dumbfounded. “When I got the call, I dug around for it,” he explains. My face flushes with embarrassment as I remember throwing it in his face not so long ago. “I thought maybe you could use a little strength today.”

A.E. lives in Vacationland with her husband and two children. Between her real job and writing she finds little time to enjoy life's finer things. However in the free time she does manage to steal, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and reading. A.E. is the author of Kismet and A Series of Imperfections: Imperfectly Perfect, Imperfectly Real, and Imperfectly Bad. She is currently writing her fifth book, Working Girl.

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