21 November 2014

Guest Post, Review & Giveaway: Chasing the Runaway Bride (The Donovan Brothers #2) by Susan Meier

Chasing the Runaway Bride (The Donovan Brothers #2)
by Susan Meier.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance.
Publication: November 17th 2014 by Entangled: Bliss.
From cold feet to hot-blooded…

Former Marine and current rancher Cade Donovan left his hometown looking for a fresh start. But then Cade inherits the grocery store that his grandfather won from the O’Riley family in a poker game more than thirty years ago. The same store that caused a bitter feud between the two families. And worse still, Cade has to return home to confront his past—and share his inheritance with the enemy…the all-grown-up and sinfully tempting Piper O’Riley.

After ditching two fiancés at the altar, Piper has a reputation for being the town’s runaway bride. The irony is, Piper is woefully inexperienced when it comes to real, true physical attraction. And working with Cade is torture. The kind that can keep a girl up all night imagining naughty, delicious things. Things that Cade is more than happy to show her…

It’s all fun and sexy games…until the truth of why Cade left town comes out.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Ok, now we are talking. I was getting tired of people meeting in a bar. Cade and Piper (I like those names) meet in a small town pharmacy chain store (think Rite-Aid, CVS etc). The moment they see each other the attraction is instant. That is until they both realize who the other is. Cade is a Donovan, now all grown up, away for a while with the Marines and ranching in Montana. He was also said to have dumped his would be bride and supposed son at the altar. Piper is an O’Riley and the town joke; she left two men at the altar.

The Donovan’s and the O’Riley's have been feuding for over 30 years over the fact that Cade’s grandfather won the O’Riley’s grocery store in a card game. Then part of the town would boycott the store depending on who they sided with. Now that Cade’s grandfather died, the will reads that Cade and Piper both get half of the store and settle this feud and that somewhere is the proof that his grandfather got the store fairly.

So, the two enemies have to work together but both still have this boiling chemistry between them and neither can resist it or know what to do about it. What really happens between them is what got me on board. They become friends and trust each other first. Both giving a little of themselves to the other. That is what I really enjoyed watching grow and develop like it should in real life. That made them so much more believable and loveable. That’s what helped the whole town get over the feud. Because neither would really knock the other over. They had to stick up for each other, even though they both had alternative plots in their heads to make the other go away from the store. Nope, I won't tell you what that is, so stop asking. I just fell in love!

Of course, my mind also started out thinking about the movie, "The Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts. Although, the stories are very different.

The things I loved:
1- I enjoyed was having a little mystery too. Someone is going to find the evidence that his grandfather got the store fairly and I kept wondering who and what would they find?
2- They had some fun time in the produce section. Seriously hilarious!
3- Women coming to the store to see Cade’s butt while stocking shelves.
4- Piper and Cade really thinking about the other when they say or do things even when enemies. They are really endearing that way.
5- The ending because you really have no idea what will happen until you get to the very end!And I do mean the very end, end.

What I didn’t like:
1- The first time they had sex. Can’t say why because it would be a spoiler but when it is mentioned later something else was said. It confused me a little.
2- The very end. I felt like I wanted more to it.
Anyway, this book is so cute, sexy, and it would definitely make a much better movie than “The Runaway Bride” with Julia Roberts! Just sayin…

Guest Post & Giveaway info....

So Where did you get the inspiration for the story. Because I first think of the movie "The Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts

Though it took me a while to finalize and find the real story for CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, it quickly became one of my favorite projects.
I’d gotten the story idea of a small town feud, but the heroine was simply unformed. I didn’t know who she “really” was. There was nothing interesting or wonderful about her until my friend, Deb Mullins, suggested I make her the town’s runaway bride.
Then the floodgates opened in my brain, especially because I was a huge fan of Julia Roberts’ movie RUNAWAY BRIDE. Was there ever a more conflicted fiancee? Yes. My character Piper O’Riley from CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE.
The way I saw it, to leave two guys at the altar you had to either be a nutty, nutty gal…or there had to be a reason you ran rather than say I do. And once I put Cade and Piper on the same page, I quickly saw that reason. She’d chosen two guys who seemed like sensible choices for her husband, but she wasn’t really attracted to either one of them.
So the story has the fun of Piper experiencing a real attraction for the first time, and Cade tormenting her about it. Until they give in.
That’s where love starts to blossom…but they both know it’s not right.
I won’t give away the story…LOL…but I will tell you I had tremendous fun watching these two fight their way to realizing love sometimes isn’t what anybody expects.
It’s a fun story. A story rich with humor and conflict. If you like sexual tension mixed with laughs, you’ll love this book.

Do you have a playlist?

I didn’t have a playlist for CHASING THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, but I have to admit Cee Lo Green’s CRAZY song did go through my head a bit. Tired of mumbling the wrong lyrics to a tune I knew was close but not quite correct, I looked it up on YouTube and listened a time or two. LOL I’m becoming a big fan of YouTube.
But I used the song’s inspiration not just for the mood it created, but in a nice humorous way. LOL Piper knows she’s not crazy. But she also knows she has to prove it to the rest of the town.
And I think we’ve all been in that place a time or two. You make a choice that makes perfect sense to you and somebody in your life disagrees. LOL
I’d love to hear stories from you guys about your own experience of making a choice that didn’t quite sit right with your mom or friends or boyfriend.
I’ll pick one commenter to win an ecopy of my first Red-Hot Bliss, Her Summer with the Marine.

Woot Woot! OK, let the comments begin for a Red-Hot Marine!

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