20 August 2014

Stronger by Misty Provencher

by Misty Provencher.
Audience/Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance.
Publication: April 27th 2014 by Cornerstone Publishing LLC.
Two men are vying for a place in Lydia Strong’s life. Desmond has solid ties from her distant past, while Aiden is only concerned about being her future. But right now, party-girl Lydia has lost herself in a shot glass and dozens of one night stands. She’s forgotten her own worth and she’s plummeting toward the rock bottom of her life.
While Des and Aiden compete to create her future, Lydia realizes she’s got to be stronger than she’s ever been, to fight her addictions and choose the life she wants now. She must find herself again, before the wrong man walks away

Reviewed by Kelly.

Ok then! This threw me for a loop! I wasn’t expecting that! I didn’t see what Lydia was at first! It wasn’t until Lydia heard it through the walls that I really figured it out! Lydia is an alcoholic! She is also a broken and lost girl!

Lydia is married. Yep you read that right! She is also has a three date rule, with sex. She sees a man has a date with him with sex involved and then drops him. She drinks to numb her pain. Her pain is to dull her heart and deny any happiness she may find. Because what do you know; Des, is also married to another woman. She only sees him to be able to touch her husband. The lies they give the rich woman who Des is now married is phenomenal so that Des can give Lydia money to live on. Lydia married Des as a teenager with her mother’s consent.

The bedroom scenes are thankfully not graphic. Because it would be every page with the way Lydia is going.
Then one day, Aiden moves next door and tries to become her friend but Lydia doesn’t want anyone to be her friend. She just wants to be alone and drink her sorrows away. Aiden starts to show her how to live again. He also confronts her about her drinking. She, of course, doesn’t believe that she could be an alcoholic. Aiden continues to be there for her even when Lydia tries to push him away. And let me tell you, Aiden is so so sweet and patient with her!

Then, when Des gets wind of Aiden being her friend he is furious with Lydia. Their sex is a little kinky with BDSM(again not graphic but lets you know about what they do) He hurts her one day and she yells the password to stop and he takes the blindfold and restraints off and Lydia dresses and takes off. Now she wonders if she really loves him anymore. She once again drowns this out with alcohol.

Lydia doesn’t know what to do anymore. Aiden does know what she should do and gently leads her to doing the right thing even when Lydia continually pushes him away. Lydia has to learn how to do it herself and for herself before Aiden can really help her. But things become even worse for Lydia.

What I love about this book is that you see the good the bad and the very very ugly in this story. I love her writing and at one point I realized my face was scrunched up in pity for Lydia. This book set with me for days afterwards.
I was like meh, when I read the description and then I read a review from A Book Vacation’s Blog http://abookvacation.com/2014/06/22/review-stronger-by-misty-provencher/ that made me want to read it. I entered to win it and won it. Now, I can’t think of how I could do justice to the review like hers was!

So, if you like learning how to overcome addiction, finding a lasting real love, nice neighbors (even if they are older and likes to grab butts of any man she sees outside of Lydia’s apartment), friends who will help you any time day or night, doing what is right, seeing the ugly side of addiction than this book is for you. Just remember it is not a sugar coated book, it is definitely a book that shows ugliness and all it entails in life.

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