25 March 2014

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Flawless by Jennifer McGill-Sadera

by Jennifer McGill-Sadera.
Audience/Genre: New Adult.
Publication: January 10th 2014 by Createspace.
Nobody's perfect. Except Lia Copeland. She's flawless. And worshipped. And hated. From her perfectly proportioned figure and enviable bone structure to her instinctual talent for clothing design and cavalier attitude, Lia's the woman every other woman wants to be and every man wants to have. Catapulted from sigh-maker in the high-school halls to superstardom in the fashion world, she makes it look easy. A girl like that has everything; every reason to be happy. Then why does Lia Copeland just want everyone to leave her the hell alone?
Behind the dazzling light of Lia's successes is a dark tale of fear, betrayal and confusion, leaving her with unfathomable anger--and so many questions. Chief among them: why is apathy threatening to take over her life? She forces herself to look to both inside and outside sources of the problem, leading her through a maze of emotions and relationships as she carries out her quest.
From the friends of Lia's youth--her best friend, Maddie, her tragic kinship with Doug, the tangled love triangle between her, Doug's cousin, Chad, and her pal, Wilson--to her later-day bond with her mentor, Jade, and therapist Ruth, Lia discovers the necessity of friendship and forgiveness.
A story about the choices made in the wake of travail and tragedy, it explores relationships with all their messy and marvelous moments and magnifies the beauty, wonder and endurance of first love.

Reviewed by Kelly.

This is a story of a girl and her friends. It’s how they go from high school and up to about 12 years later. It’s showing their growth, their loves, their weaknesses, grief, families and their bonds of friendship.

What I liked: I liked watching Lia go from a witch with a B to a grown woman and learn to face her demons head on. I liked the sessions she had with Ruth and how she overcame a memory that she repressed. I liked Wilson; he was the leader of the group and loyal. I liked that Doug really understood Lia. I liked Maddie; she grew up exactly as I guessed her to be.

What I didn’t like: I felt like the story was disconnected at times. I would skip parts because I didn’t feel like it pertained to the story or rather, I thought it was boring. I didn’t like the “darlings” endearment. It didn’t sound like someone in their twenties would say a lot. I didn’t like Lia in the beginning at all. There is a lot of sadness and grief in the story. There were other things that irritated me. Then in the end, I didn’t think it really gave me any clue what would happen with Lia and Chad. I literally threw my kindle when it got to the end and I tried looking back to find what did I miss that there was no real closure for me to find on them. So I disliked it more than I liked it. I read the story to see if Lia would grow and get her guy and be happy and I didn’t see it. Maybe I missed it, but anyway.

I don't like giving a less than great review. Maybe you will like it. It just wasn't for me. The reviews on goodreads are really good.

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Jennifer McGill-Sadera first worked in the publishing industry as a junior copywriter for NAL/Penguin. She has written and edited for newspapers and magazines as a free-lancer and on the staffs of major women's publications "Woman's World" and "Redbook." Her New Adult novel "Flawless" is her first published book, though she admits to writing three previous unpublished books "just for fun." A nature lover, she recently became a certified horticulturist and has a side business designing flower gardens. She and her husband live in upstate New York with their two kids, two dogs and a lop-eared rabbit, who, incidentally, has a starring role in "Flawless."

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