28 February 2014

Surrender to Temptation (The Fitzgerald Family #6) by E.B. Walters

Surrender to Temptation (The Fitzgerald Family #6)
by E.B. Walters.
Audience/Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense.
Publication: November 26th 2013 by Firetrail Publishing.
A playboy in hiding
A woman searching for answers
Will he let her in or send her packing?

After a tragic accident, Chef Chase Fitzgerald left his life in Los Angeles behind and moved to a ranch in Montana. He's convinced that all he needs to be happy are his horses, a few ranch hands and the Big Sky Country. Until one day, Nikki Savoy walks through his doors with her city clothes, sexy mouth, and a body designed to drive a man insane.

Nikki wants to know the truth about the accident that left her sister in a coma. Getting a job at Chase’s ranch is just the beginning. Throw in a crafty housekeeper, a cantankerous old cowboy, a few adorable horses, and an attraction that can’t be denied, and you have a recipe for disaster or romance. Will Nikki get her answers or will Chase offer her something better?

Reviewed by Kelly.

This is a great book to snuggle up in front of a warm fire and read. Chase is trying to recover from a fire accident in his restaurant that left him physically and emotionally scared. He left his love of cooking and went to do his second love of ranching.
While recovering, he wanted to know what happened that day in the restaurant. There was a fire and someone hit him from behind. The one person who really may hold the key to what happened has been in a coma recovering from the extensive burns. Meanwhile, Chase has hired his family detective to find out what happened.
At the same time, Nikki is also trying to find out what happened to her sister who is in a coma and uncover if her sister is responsible as accused by Kiera (Chase’s ex) for the fire that caused Chase’s restaurant to burn. So Nikki goes to Chase’s ranch to make a website for his new ranch. The thing is, she doesn’t tell Chase who she really is.
Lies or omissions never bode well in the end. And as Chase and Nikki get closer, Nikki finds it harder to come clean and tell him who she is. She doesn’t want Chase to hurt any more than he is and she finds herself concerned about him and not really asking him about what happened.
I love Nikki. She is loyal, caring, a hard worker and enjoys life. She has a talent for her job. She sings and she is a nurse. I am too so she gets extra points for that in my book!!
I love the Fitzgerald’s. I had read the earlier books but that was before I wrote reviews. I still need to read the book before this one. I love books where the family is all over everyone’s business. This book has plenty of that. That’s what got me hooked on this series in the first place. They are funny and crazy and really care about their families. I can’t wait for Lex’s story! I want to see him be happy and settle down too!
I enjoy that the drama isn’t over the top. It is more realistic and a great story to escape reality for awhile. I want a Fitgerald! But, I don’t think my hubby would like that too much!

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