04 February 2014

Blog Tour and Giveaway: A Boat Made of Bone by Nicole Grotepas

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A Boat Made of Bone
by Nicole Grotepas.
Audience/Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance/Urban Romance.
Publication: January 13th 2013 by Nicole Grotepas.
Kate Miller has been having recurring dreams about the same man . . . a dead man. Will Hawke, to be exact, a celebrity who died long before Kate had any reason to pay attention to celebrities.

Though the night-world she enjoys with Will is a siren song lulling her towards sleep, the intrigue of Kate's waking world goes up several notches when Ty Watts breezes into her life, a tall, dark stranger with looks that would set a thousand housewives free.

The problem: his smile hides a secret that could be dangerous.

Kate's dreams gnaw at the very idea of what is real. She must negotiate the knife-thin edge of reality vs. dreams, solve the mystery of her nightly rendezvous with Will, and either save him or lose herself forever in the seductively dangerous world he inhabits.

A Boat Made of Bone is a love story that spans worlds, generations, and reaches beyond death into the realm of fantasy.

“That sounds perfect for me.” He glanced at her and she winked. A smile burst across his face and the light in his blue eyes from the illuminated tower ahead made her heart stop. She’d never get over that: how a look from someone—the way they caught your gaze, the way their smile turned a key in your chest that opened up doors you hadn’t realized were closed. She was caught by him so thoroughly.

This isn’t real. The words spiraled in her head, neon, like a bad montage from the drunk, despondent part of a romantic drama. She ignored it, that nagging reminder, that sinister whisper. But she knew. It was impossible to escape. In fact, she knew that the illusion that it was real was the more dangerous lie. Who gives a shit? She asked, angry at herself for almost spoiling the moment. Let her live this. Let her have this. For once.

“Oh, hey Kate, remember this?” he asked, producing the dragonfly ring from a pocket.

Kate smiled at the familiar trinket, feeling a tremble in her lips.

“I wanted you to wear it tonight. Would you? Do you mind?” He arched an eyebrow as he asked her. A moment from her waking life thundered through her head and her vision blurred. She stumbled and caught herself.

“Whoa, you OK?” he asked, catching her with his free hand. He stopped and steadied her by the elbows.

“Sorry, yes,” she laughed awkwardly. “I don’t know what happened. I’m fine now.” She couldn’t explain seeing the dragonfly symbol in an episode of his TV show. No way. He’d think she’d gotten all obsessed over him. Obsession was ugly. She had to be cool. She diverted his attention from her stumble by bringing up the dragonfly ring. “Well, you know how I feel about it. It’s clunky and awkward. But for you? I guess I could bring myself to tolerate the enormous thing.”

“You’re too sweet,” he laughed, sliding the ring onto her finger. He mentioned how well it went with the black dress she wore and she laughed. He was full of crap. She knew that. The ring was just silly. Why he insisted on it, she still didn’t know. They continued on beneath the tower lights.

As they reached the glowing spire, Kate leaned back to take it in, feeling tiny beneath its airy heights. It was much bigger and heftier than she ever imagined it would be. And being there with Will, Kate was under the delusion that her feet weren’t on solid ground. They were floating. They passed under the arch of one side of the tower and it was like they’d walked through a portal into a dream within a dream. They’d fallen into a comfortable quiet as the lights of Paris and the tower cascaded around them like fireworks. Everything was aflame.

Other people brushed by, but Kate didn’t see them, they were a blur, like those time-lapse images where the light was just an endless stream. The faces of the people were indistinct. Their conversations and voices were like distant signal from fading satellites. The lovers might have been the only real thing for thousands of miles and this planet, created just for them; all the fake people around them, ghosts acting out lives they once lived, caught in an endless loop where they never realized they were dead.

They took two lifts to the top of the tower, transferring halfway up. When they stepped out onto the balcony of the top level, Kate gasped, stunned. The city of Paris stretched to the horizon, a dark river of stars, an arm of the Milky Way, flowing away from them like a black lake filled with incandescent pebbles. The contrast of light and darkness was stark and humbling. She’d never seen a more beautiful city. They walked to the nearest railing and Will wrapped his arm around her, standing at her side, quiet and reverent like the moment seemed to call for.

Humans had created a lot of beautiful things while also being the purveyors of a lot of the miserable. While Kate had seen just a small bit of the ugly, she’d witnessed her share of the wondrous. But she knew as she stood there absorbing the experience, that this—Paris at night at the top of the Eiffel tower—was one of the best. And maybe it was just because she was there with Will. Maybe it was that she could smell his musk, and around it, the fragrance of summer in a city. Or perhaps it was the imperfect mirror image of the city of light beneath them and the star speckled sky above. Together the endless city and the eternal night sky made her feel so small and insignificant. The thing that kept her from sinking into a kind of fatalistic despondence, was Will—his soothing breath against her neck, the comforting weight of his arm wrapped around her. Those two things seemed to say, you are known. Perhaps you are even loved.

They could have been laughing, acting drunk with elation that they were together at the top of the world like some of the tourists around them. Instead they were somber and reverent. Though stunned at the enormity of the moment, Kate honestly hadn’t anticipated being so prompted into silence.

“Want to see the other side?” Will whispered. His lips brushed her ear and chills flashed across her neck.


Without warning, Kate’s heart started to pound. She knew, somehow, that she was about to wake up, that Will was about to be ripped from her grip like always. She paused, “Wait.”

“What is it?” he asked, stopping and turning his concerned sapphire eyes to her.

“You’re leaving me,” she said, panic rising like a galloping horse in her chest.

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Nicole wrote her first fantasy novel in 7th grade on her mother's old Brother typewriter. It was never finished but it strongly resembled a Dragonlance plot and she's forever wondered what happened to the manuscript and Tonathan--the handsome elven protagonist. After living in Nashville where she worked as an editor, she returned to the Utah desert where she was raised. Nicole now lives near the Wasatch mountains with her husband. She writes and raises her son and three cats full time.

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