29 January 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Keeper (Mindjack Origins #4) by Susan Kaye Quinn

Keeper (Mindjack Origins #4)
by Susan Kaye Quinn.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal.
Publication: December 14th 2014 by Susan Kaye Quinn.
A Mindjack Origins Novella
Seventeen-year-old Kira Moore is determined to be part of the second-chance mission to free her fellow mindjackers from FBI Agent Kestrel's secret prison, but Jacker Freedom Alliance leader Julian believes she's too valuable to risk in the operation.

Keeper contains major spoilers for Closed Hearts (Mindjack #2), but only minor spoilers for Free Souls (Mindjack #3).

Keeper is a short novella (12,000 words or about 40 pages) in the Mindjack Origins series, which are companion stories to the Mindjack Trilogy. Keeper is told from Kira's point of view and takes place in the time period between Closed Hearts (Mindjack #2) and Free Souls (Mindjack #3). The first three Mindjack Origins stories (Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe) were told from the boy characters' (Raf, Julian, Sasha) points of view. Keeper is the first in a trilogy of novellas (Keeper, Warrior, Viewer) from the girl characters' (Kira, Anna, Ava) points of view.

I loved this series and excited there will be another book added and if you reviewed all of the series, you could get it for free now. Be an email subscriber to her site to find out more

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