22 January 2014

Release Event and Giveaway: Waiting On My Reason by Devon Ashley

Waiting On My Reason
by Devon Ashley.
Audience/Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense.
Publication: January 21st 2014.
Things always happen for a reason. I just wish I knew the why behind mine.
Five years ago, graduation wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Publicly humiliated, Melanie was more than happy to kiss off her high school sweetheart. But in doing so, she lost more than just her boyfriend, she lost the only other guy she truly cared for – his best friend, Shane.

Shane loathed the idea of returning to his small hometown. He just wanted to get in, help his best friend manage a legal matter, and get the hell back out again. But he wasn’t expecting to run into the one girl who got away, who always held a piece of his heart despite the animosity that lingered. Melanie could’ve been the one, but after everything that happened, trust was a serious issue.

Melanie just wanted to do right by her son. Shane just wanted to do right by his best friend. And just when they think they can find the strength to forgive the sins of the past, more secrets and lies bubble to the surface, threatening to push them even farther apart.

An excerpt for you...

I couldn’t have been out there more than five minutes, letting the cool air pacify my mood, before gravel began crunching behind me. “Shane,” a voice said. I turned to a girl about my age, with straight brown hair and brown eyes, who held her head tipped at an angle, her eyes giving me the once over. I recognized the face, but for the life of me, I couldn’t place it. “Um… Yeah. You’re…” I actually pointed at the poor girl. Think, think, think!
“Karen,” she said slowly, like she was speaking to a child or something. Hell, I forgot her name; I hardly needed her to spell it out.
“Karen. Right. Sorry.”
“For what, exactly?” she asked, her eyebrows tapering off with either annoyance or confusion, but which was still up for debate. “Forgetting my name even though I sat next to you in home room for four years?”
My lips parted, but I kept my mouth from dropping completely. Karen. As in Mel’s best friend. Oh, crap.
“Oh, that’s right. Sorry. It’s nothing personal. I think I’ve blocked out quite a bit from high school,” I lied.
“Oh,” she replied, flashing me a smile we both knew was fake. Out of nowhere, her palm met the flesh of my cheek. Shit, that girl could hit! Fire singed my skin, and as much as I was screaming on the inside, I kept the reaction from going verbal. My fingers rubbed my face and adjusted my jaw, just in time to hear her repeat my words. “Sorry. It’s nothing personal. But do the world a favor and stay the fuck away from Melanie. After everything she’s been through, she deserves a prince, not…you,” she added with disgust.
“After what she’s been through?” I rudely replied, my jaw aching as it said the words, the flesh still screaming with pain. “What about Brad?”
Her eyes popped with amusement. “Seriously? Ask around. See if Brad has any fans in this town. Why the hell you’re sticking up for that loser is beyond me. But then again, you weren’t smart enough to realize what you could’ve had with Melanie before you went and fucked it all up, so maybe you’re right on target with your level of stupidity.”
Now I remembered why I didn’t like her all that much.
“Do you know the things she’s done?” I snapped.
“Of course I do, dumbass. I’m the one that’s been around for it all. What about you? Where in the hell were you when hell froze over?”
“That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think? In what way has her life been so traumatic that it qualifies as apocalyptic?” I meant for it to be snide and rhetoric, but the way Karen was suddenly looking at me with glazed-over eyes and a dumbfounded expression, made me ponder my own words.
“You really don’t know what the hell’s been going on, do you?”

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