09 January 2014

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Entangled Moments (Moments in Time #1) by Dori Lavelle

Entangled Moments (Moments in Time #1)
by Dori Lavelle.
Audience/Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella, Adult.
Publication: December 11th 2013.
A deadly accident can take a life in more than one way.

Four years ago, Carlene Adams made a deadly mistake. A tragic accident derailed the future she'd hoped for, taking the life of the man she'd planned to spend forever with.

As a self-imposed penance for her solitary sin, Carlene has given up on every dream she ever had. She has committed to spend every remaining moment trying to make up for that one instance when everything changed.

Then she gets a second chance.

When Carlene meets Nick Johnson, the single kiss they share awakens the desires she shoved aside for so long. Suddenly she wants more than what she believe she deserves. Will she ever see him again?

A thing of fate.

Leaving the life she built on regret, Carlene waits for fate to intervene. But just as she begins to believe in a fresh start, she's forced to realize a horrible truth—one with the power to send her second chance crashing before it even takes off.

Nick isn't who she thought he was. She isn't the girl he believed her to be, either. Their lives were intertwined even before they met, and if Carlene tells him the truth, she’ll risk tearing them apart—for good.

**Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Reviewed by Kelly.

I hate cliffhangers and I don’t like mini stories that I have to wait to find out what happens next. I am very frustrated!! Ok, now that I vented I feel better! Don't get me wrong, I liked the story, just frustrated that I have to wait.

This is 102 pages of getting to know about Carlene and her life currently. She has lived in a shelter for a year. She lost her boyfriend in a tragic accident. We don’t get privy to all that transpired in that tragedy, but learn about what she does with her life now.

She goes to the church where his funeral was on an anniversary of his death. She sits in the pew in the back and cries. There was a man lighting a candle in the front and he comes up to her and as they talk and share a kiss, she is awakened from living behind shadows. She gets hope and moves on and finds a job and then becomes a model and gets an apartment. She has come a long way in a short amount of time. She runs into this man, Nick, again several times.

When he comes to her sometime later and things really start to happen for them, they both realize that they both know her exboyfriend/ exfiance. Then he walks right out the door. Then poof, the end. That’s all I can tell you without any spoilers. But, I want to slap him silly.

I enjoyed reading about Carlene and how she didn’t want to, didn’t feel like she could get rid of the guilt over her ex’s death but Nick helped with that and then fate brings it back down on her. Not sure how I feel about leaving such a vulnerable person until February when the next book comes out. I mean that is cruel.She needs some happiness and it seems she is brought down again and we can’t be there to encourage her along. Yeah, I know it is just a book but it is sad.

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Dori Lavelle is a mother, wife, and lover of happy endings and mint chocolate. She thinks love and chocolate make such a perfect pair. Give her a great romance novel and a mug of hot chocolate and she'd be one happy woman. Don't forget to leave behind a couch with lots of cushions. And maybe light the fireplace?

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  1. Hi,
    You have one beautiful blog. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Entangled Moments. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I apologize for the cliffhanger lol. Don't worry, Nick and Carlene#s love story concludes in book 2.

    Thanks again and have a wonderful day.


  2. Thank you for writing it! I look forward to it. I want them both to find some peace!