31 December 2013

Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis

Her Sexiest Mistake
by Jill Shalvis.
Audience/Genre: Adult, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Humor.
Publication: December 6th 2005 by Signet Eclipse.
Trusting the heart is the most sensual risk of all

With a fab career, a salary that keeps her in her favorite designers, and her own condo, Mia Appleby has everything she dreamed of as a poor little girl gazing out the window of her mom's trailer. Her old life is completely gone. That is until she has a one-night stand with her handsome new neighbor, Kevin McNight. She ends it before she totally falls for him. But Kevin isn't like other men and won't let Mia off that easy. And neither will her runaway Goth niece, Hope, who inconveniently shows up at her doorstep with hopes for a new life. Now, Mia must keep her new fan club at a safe distance-before they burst her fairytale facade

Reviewed by Kelly.

Gah! Mia is just like me! I hated reading about it! LOL! I gotta have control and I keep my emotions at bay as well. But it sure made me think about it! I didn’t do booty call though!

Mia has her life all lined up since her less than ideal childhood. She has everything she ever wanted or does she? She has a great job and her assistant, Tess, is really her only friend. But even Tess is kept from the knowledge of her childhood life. Mia has even lost her southern accent so people will see how she is now and never know that she came from a trailer home.

Mia has a new neighbor whom she brought cookies to. Cookies that were made by her friend Tess. But her neighbor, Kevin, doesn’t need to know that. Then she returns for a little booty call with him and although Mia is usually a one night stand person, she keeps going back for more. Kevin is drool worthy; and it isn’t just his good looks but his kindness and desire to help others. Kevin keeps letting Mia in but Mia keeps him at arm’s length running off after said booty calls. Kevin doesn’t want just that; he wants more. He wants Mia to open up to him. But she can’t, she doesn’t know how.

Then her niece shows up at her door as a runaway from her sister’s home. The one and only sister who wasn’t very nice to Mia growing up. So Mia gets time with her niece, Hope, and finds out she is a lot like Mia and falls in love with her.

Then at Mia’s work someone keeps sabotaging her work files and even makes a fire in her trash can in her office and Mia loses an eyebrow from it. And then Tess, who is everything to Mia, gets laid off.
So, now, Mia’s perfectly coiffured life isn’t so perfect now. And things just get worse. So, what is Mia to do? She just goes for more booty call from Kevin. But Kevin is getting tired of it and is falling hard for her.
Mia is funny and she is caring too. Hope is just as funny. I love their conversations. I love Hope’s little situations she creates. She is genius. I am glad none of my kids had her skills. Well maybe my youngest might, she is showing signs. Ha!

Mia learns how to open up, but it doesn’t come easy or without some repercussions. Kevin has a brother Mike who is hard of hearing and hasn’t grown up yet due to Kevin constantly enabling him.

This book is so cute, funny, and it has aha moments too, for all.

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