07 October 2013

The Collection by T.K. Lasser

The Collection (Collection #1)
by T.K. Lasser.
Audience/Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal.
Publication: May 28th 2013 by Booktrope Editions
Jane Smith is as ordinary as her name...except for her innate and special "talent" that allows her to separate fact from fiction. Known by her friends as the "human lie detector," Jane can call you on every fib - when she's courageous enough to stir up a bit of controversy. Unfortunately, her ability usually gets her in more trouble than it's worth. Lucien is a high-class art forger and thief with 700 years of experience under his immortal belt. Five brief years in the making, he has finished his latest masterpiece - an exact replica of a multi-million dollar bronze sculpture. This latest piece now resides in Atlanta's High Museum of Art having been switched for the genuine at his restoration business. As luck would have it, the minute Jane enters the exhibit, she recognizes the fake. Overcoming her usual shyness, Jane can't help but comment on the impressive imitation, shocking Lucien with her knowledge and leading him to challenge her accusations. While distracted by their argument, they are kidnapped by one of Lucien's unhappy customers - someone who suspects the goods he received are less than genuine. When Jane is mistaken for Lucien's girlfriend, they are both ensnared in a ruthless plot of high stakes acquisition and murder by the maniacal former client, a black market art buyer. How many people will die before Lucien and his ancient family of co-conspirators can free themselves from the modern world's most vengeful villain: an unsatisfied customer.

Reviewed by Kelly...

Jane is our protagonist. Her name suits her. She is able to tell if someone states a lie or if a piece of art is real or not. She doesn’t know why or how, but she does.

Jane has no love life. Jane leads an otherwise boring and normal life. So she finds herself intrigued by the man in the museum. She has to leave with her class after she states to the mysterious man in the museum that the piece of art they were both admiring was a forgery. The man knows it is because it is his fake replica but she shouldn’t know that.

Jane goes back to the museum to see if she can run into him again. Well unfortunately, she does and is mistaken by an unsatisfied customer of Lucian (the mysterious man) to be his girlfriend. So when, Lucian gets frustrated with her, Jane runs out and runs right into a kidnapping. Lucian tries to save her but has no luck so they are both taken.

Now Jane is brought into a world of forgery and black market and a paranormal family. Jane wants out but there is no out for her no matter how hard everyone tries. Now her family is at stake if Lucian and Jane don’t do as they are told.

Lucian and his twin brother Cicero are immortal. They have lived over 700 years. They don’t know why because in their family all males die after 3 years of age. Yet they live forever. It is a curse and the family has this business of forgery to make money to find a cure for their male children. The family seems to do very well off and have many homes and locations for the real works of art they steal and forge.

The story line if fantastic. I want to find a cure for them. I want to solve their mystery and this book doesn’t have the answers as it ends with a promise for more in another book. There is a traitor in the family midst. There are several deaths that are close range and one that is found dead by a bullet. But the description isn't detailed or gory.

Where as the story line is great with a mystery; a medical mystery and a who dun nit, I found something to be lacking.

There was no passion. I mean Jane witnesses several deaths by bullet at close range. There is no screaming, no nightmares, no have some hysteria! It just happens and she goes on. Well if I witnessed several deaths, I would be a mess! I would have nightmares or be afraid to sleep or want more security but I saw none of that. It just kept going.

Also, the family business is run by the women who are without their male heirs. There again seems to be no anger or passion about finding a cure but more on the business side. One of the females is becoming a doctor. That’s it. The rest study restoration of art and learn how to forge. One woman seems to hide what she feels. She does things behind everyone to protect someone. Someone who might be a help in understanding their genetics.

I do want to read the next book because the story was great, I just hope she adds more feeling to the book, so it doesn’t feel like a timeline of events and more like a story.

Her website show lots of artwork. You should check it out as it brings the book more to life.

Here is the video from her website called "The Copyist"

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