29 October 2013

Release Blitz: The Unseen by J. L. Bryan (Giveaway)

I'm so excited to participate in the book blitz for J. L. Bryan's latest novel, The Unseen! Just in time for Halloween too :)

Keep reading for an excerpt from the novel and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a 'spell book' pendant, handbag, and a signed copy of The Unseen!

P. S. The Unseen has a special release price of 99 cents through Halloween so grab your copy quick!
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The Unseen by J. L. Bryan.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult/Horror.
Publication: October 31st 2013.
Cassidy is a young tattoo artist living in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta. She’s always suffered terrible nightmares, and sometimes the hideous creatures seem to follow her out of her dreams and into her waking life, though she’s the only one who can see them. Drugs and alcohol can blot them out, but never entirely chase them away.

When a demonic cult begins to take control of the people in her life, including her younger brother, Cassidy discovers that the unseen world of monsters is very real. She can no longer avoid it. To protect those she loves, she must accept her own hidden supernatural talents and face the forces of evil before the sinister cult achieves its twisted goals and casts the world into darkness.

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    The Unseen by J.L. Bryan has a special release price of 99 cents through Halloween. See his website for details and links: http://jlbryanbooks.com/books/theunseen.html J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on the English Renaissance and the Romantic period. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He enjoys remixing elements of paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, horror and science fiction into new kinds of stories. He is the author of The Paranormals series (starting with Jenny Pox), The Songs of Magic series, Nomad, and other books. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Christina, his son John, and some dogs and cats. Website: www.jlbryanbooks.com Twitter: @jlbryanbooks

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