10 September 2013

Deep Rising (Outside the Lines #1) by N.R. Rhodes

Deep Rising (Outside the Lines #1) by N.R. Rhodes.
Audience/Genre: Romantic Suspense.
Publication: August 27th 2013 by Entangled: Select.
In his nine-year stint with the CIA, Jared Caldwell thought he’d seen it all. But when his latest mission instructs him to apprehend a beautiful scientist who’s allegedly linked to a devastating new form of warfare, he isn’t prepared for the prospect of battling man-made tsunamis—or the misplaced feelings he harbors for his number one suspect.

The irony of being accused of crimes her research was intended to prevent isn’t lost on Svetlana Orskya. She also didn’t expect her wish for a strong, sexy man to sweep in and change her life to come true—especially not when he appears, gun in hand, pointed at her.

But time is running out and Jared and Lana must work together to protect the mainland. As the heat between them—and the threat of mass destruction—rises there is more at stake than just their hearts.

Reviewed by Kelly.

Deep Rising is seriously intense! You can't sit and read through it in a couple of hours. It took me a week to read. I couldn't read it when I was tired because I had to pay heavy attention to the details so I wouldn't miss out on anything. It is filled with suspense, action, a mystery that you can't solve right off the bat, romance and lots of information on the earth.

Lana is a volcanologist. So be prepared to learn a lot about our world. I love to learn new things so that was interesting and terrifying at the same time. Because the author made it seem so plausible that someone could create a man made tsunami. Anyway, Lana, our heroine, is proud of her work and shared her thesis with her family which included her deranged brother, Sergei.

Jared is a good man. A real hero and is stuck in a world of moles and people who betray their country and terrorists who want to kill. He fights for freedom. His only regret is that he couldn’t go to his own sister’s funeral because he was on a mission. Now, he only wants to retire and go home and help his mom raise his sister’s children. What a man!!

The only thing is he happens to be at a spot where the CIA needs him and he has to do this one more mission before he can retire. That mission has him training his gun on Lana Orskya.

Lana is a good person. If only Jared would believe her. Her papers show how it is possible that things could go really bad for the world and someone knows her work and uses it for evil. She is of course, suspect number one. It is her work after all. But she never intended for her work to be used for ill will. But the terrorists know her work intimately well! So even though Jared is instantly attracted to her and wants to believe her there is too much evidence that says she is responsible for the tsunami that just killed too many innocent people.

Sparks fly and eventually she proves her innocence. Jared and her work together, in more ways than one (cough cough); to fix the mess the world has no idea is happening all around them.

There is a lead in at the end at the next person- SEAL Master Chief Tyler Houston’s story.

If you like trust issues, betrayal, family loss, gunshots, multiple hospital visits, action adventure, hiking, volcano learning, deep sea scuba diving, things that go boom, a little romance ,military men and a mystery that isn’t solved in the first book than you will like Deep Rising.

Below is an excerpt from N.R.Rhodes's website

Lana glanced down at the negative edge sink with its sleek silver fixtures. The water swirled around the shallow marble basin before disappearing over the side. Like the water, she felt her sense of control spiraling down the drain.
“I wish it was otherwise, but you need to come with me, Lana.”
She met his eyes in the reflection of the mirror. “I’m the bait.”
He nodded.
The acknowledgment shouldn’t have pierced her with such brutal precision, but it did, slashing through her sense of worth, diminishing her to a rook in this twisted chess game. “You get me into position. I distract Sergei. Then you apprehend him. Is that the plan?”
He released a heavy breath. “If you’re in league with him, it’ll draw him to me. If you aren’t, yes, it will provide a valuable diversion. Either way we’ll neutralize him.”
Reaching around her, he turned off the faucet. With a gentle hand, he guided her to face him directly. “There’s something you need to know.”
Reluctantly, she met his eyes.
“I’m here to remove the threat,” he said.
“I see.”
He elected to be honest with her, she reminded herself. He could lie about the entire situation. He put his hand on her shoulder in a gesture intended to be reassuring. It fell far short of its mark. She slapped his hand away. “Save your commiseration. It isn’t sincere. You’re asking me to lure my brother to certain death!”
“I’m sorry.”
Lana spun around and stared into the mirror again. Seeing him, seeing herself reflected in his cold, clear eyes, she thought of the millions and millions of people whose lives were at stake and suddenly any lingering emotion she felt for Sergei dissipated. She understood. Either her brother was innocent and this was all for naught or he was a legitimate threat and they needed to apprehend him. All or nothing.
“I’ll do what I have to,” she said.
“To help this mission or save your brother?”
“Truthfully, any person who’d use my work to harm millions of innocent people doesn’t deserve to live.”
“He killed twelve hundred people already, Lana.”
“I know. . .” And I feel responsible.
“The weight goes away,” he said as if reading her mind
“When you set it right.”
The time had come, Lana realized, to do just that.

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  1. Oh wow that sounds fantastic! And oh yeah he sounds like quite the hero. Whew. I haven't read one about a volcanologist yet. That does sound like it would be interesting. Thanks for the heads up on it :)

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