13 August 2013

Blog Tour: In Shadows of Magic by Alison F Prince

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In Shadows of Magic by Alison F. Prince.
Audience/Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal.
Publication: July 11, 2013 by Astraea Press.
Mandy McKinney lives the charmed life. She is beautiful, athletic, popular, dating the hottest jock in school, and certainly doesn't have any time for her loser twin sister. But Mandy also has a secret. When the truth is unveiled, her world is twisted upside down, and her very life is at stake.

Mandy's twin sister, Brianna, has never had any success in the dating department. When Brianna finally meets the guy of her dreams, it turns out that he has secrets of his own. Dangerous secrets. Just her luck.

The twins are about to be swept away into a world of beauty and power beyond their wildest imaginations where nothing is what is seems, danger is lurking in the shadows, and their only chance of survival is finding themselves, and each other, once again

Reviewed by Kelly.

This was a story of self worth and self esteem and team work, family and love. I loved the message of it all.

We start with twins. They are living totally separate lives with separate friends and clicks. Brianna dyed her hair black. She is part of a band. She plays guitar. Her main friends are from the band. She feels shunned from her twin, Mandy. Mandy is the popular girl. She has her popular friends and jock boyfriend. Mandy doesn’t have time for anyone not as popular as her. She is always perfect; perfect looking, dressed, athletic and popular. The twins couldn’t be any more different. Except they are very much alike. They both hate each other, or so they think. They are jealous of each other’s life. They think the other has it better and feel little self worth. Like neither of them is really good enough.

Normally, I don't like insta love, but somehow with both girls, it seemed to work and it didn't bother me.

The thing is that they are witches. Mandy has a lot of power. Brianna has very little and has difficulty getting it to come out. So she gives up. Mandy abuses her powers. They aren’t supposed to expose themselves to the world.

Valerie is in Mandy’s click. Valerie is verbally abused by her mother and wants nothing more than to kill Mandy. Literally! She figures out that Mandy has some sort of power especially after she tries to push her off the mountain and Mandy flies back up. They agree to leave each other alone or Mandy will do something to Valerie. But Valerie has an evil heart and desires her power. She makes a plan and is able to get Brianna to steal Mandy’s power. Brianna believes what Valerie feeds her that Mandy is selfish and Brianna deserves some of it. Brianna goes back and forth on what she is about to do and then what she did by taking her sisters powers.

Mandy is happy without them. She likes being normal and learns to like people who like her for her. Brianna learns that it is not so easy having powers. Both sisters learn from their mistakes but at a high price.

I love that the girls figure out that magic doesn't necessarily make life any better. You don't know if people like you because of magic or for who you are. I wouldn't like that at all. I used to think having magic would be cool growing up. But after reading this book, the only thing I would want if for is to clean the house! I am going to have my teenager read this book.

Valerie gets some of Brianna’s powers and goes crazy with it. Then add in some boyfriends who really care for the twins and an evil ex with major powers who wants Brianna’s boyfriend and Brianna dead. Well, that equals major disaster. With some new friends, the twins have to learn to work together to fight evil. But what will it cost them? What is worth fighting for?

That’s what I love about this book; learning one’s self worth. The end is a cliffhanger. I look forward to watch the twins continue to learn and grow and fight!

This is a clean read. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a little boost of self esteem and self worth. Ahh, that would be all of us, wouldn't it?!?

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"Though she didn't confirm any direct link between her work as a school psychologist and the themes in novel, it's likely her day-job experiences, at least indirectly, provided some food for thought. She did... acknowledge teens, young adults and elementary school students — in Clifton and beyond — do confront the sensitive topics self-esteem and peer pressure on a daily basis. As a result, the choices they make regarding these issues have a direct
impact on their lives." -See more at http://www.northjersey.com/news/218046601_Fighting_teen

Alison F. Prince lives in Hoboken, NJ where she works as a school psychologist (M.A. Marist College), author, and jeweler. She is the author of In Shadows of Magic, a new YA novel out from Astraea Press (2013).

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  1. This is new to me and sounds interesting. I am really glad you liked it, even with the cliffhanger. Wonderful review.

  2. Honestly, my fave confidence booster is just to smile! Even when I don't feel like it, I try my best to smile because I really, truly believe that it influences your mood and the mood of those around you. It makes me feel good.